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Placeholder namespace for global functions in O2scl_part . More...


void nucdist_set (std::vector< nucleus > &dist, nucmass &nm, std::string expr="1", int maxA=400, bool include_neutron=false)
 Set a distribution of nuclei from a mass formula and a function string. More...

Detailed Description

This namespace is created to help doxygen understand functions in O2scl_part that are in the o2scl namespace. Functions documented here should be called using, for example,


Function Documentation

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void o2scl_part::nucdist_set ( std::vector< nucleus > &  dist,
nucmass &  nm,
std::string  expr = "1",
int  maxA = 400,
bool  include_neutron = false 

Given a nuclear mass formula nm, this adds nuclei to a std::vector object. The function expr, a function of Z and N, determines which nuclei will be added to the distribution.

This function is actually in the o2scl namespace. Unfortunately doxygen has difficulty extending namespaces in separate doxyfile instances.

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