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o2scl::reaction_lib Class Reference

Simple reaction library. More...

#include <reaction_lib.h>

Public Member Functions

int read_file_reaclib2 (std::string fname)
 Read from a file in the REACLIB2 format. More...
int find_in_chap (std::vector< nuclear_reaction > &nrl, size_t chap, std::string nuc1, std::string nuc2="", std::string nuc3="", std::string nuc4="", std::string nuc5="", std::string nuc6="")
 Find a set of nuclear reactions in a specified chapter. More...

Public Attributes

std::vector< nuclear_reactionlib
 The library.

Protected Member Functions

bool matches (size_t ul, size_t ri)
 Test if entry ul in the arrays matches the library reaction.

Protected Attributes

Storage for the find function
int fN [6]
int fZ [6]
int fA [6]
size_t fi

Detailed Description

This class is very experimental.



Original FORTRAN format:


Definition at line 210 of file reaction_lib.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ find_in_chap()

int o2scl::reaction_lib::find_in_chap ( std::vector< nuclear_reaction > &  nrl,
size_t  chap,
std::string  nuc1,
std::string  nuc2 = "",
std::string  nuc3 = "",
std::string  nuc4 = "",
std::string  nuc5 = "",
std::string  nuc6 = "" 

◆ read_file_reaclib2()

int o2scl::reaction_lib::read_file_reaclib2 ( std::string  fname)
This function does not check that the chapter numbers are correct for the subsequent reaction.

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