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o2scl::nucmass_hfb Class Reference

HFB Mass formula. More...

#include <nucmass_hfb.h>

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o2scl::nucmass_table o2scl::nucmass o2scl::nucmass_info


struct  entry
 Entry structure for HFB mass formula. More...

Public Member Functions

 nucmass_hfb ()
 Create a new mass formula object.
virtual bool is_included (int Z, int N)
 Return false if the mass formula does not include specified nucleus.
virtual double mass_excess (int Z, int N)
 Given Z and N, return the mass excess in MeV.
nucmass_hfb::entry get_ZN (int l_Z, int l_N)
 Get the entry for the specified proton and neutron number. More...
bool is_loaded ()
 Verify that the constructor properly loaded the table.
double blank ()
 The value which corresponds to a blank entry.
virtual const char * type ()
 Return the type, "nucmass_hfb".
int set_data (int n_mass, nucmass_hfb::entry *m, std::string ref)
 Set data. More...
int get_nentries ()
 Return number of entries.
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::nucmass_table
virtual double mass_excess_d (double Z, double N)
 Given Z and N, return the mass excess in MeV.
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::nucmass
virtual int get_nucleus (int Z, int N, nucleus &n)
 Fill n with the information from nucleus with the given neutron and proton number. More...
virtual double electron_binding (double Z)
 Return the approximate electron binding energy in MeV.
virtual double binding_energy (int Z, int N)
 Return the binding energy in MeV. More...
virtual double binding_energy_d (double Z, double N)
 Return the binding energy in MeV. More...
virtual double total_mass (int Z, int N)
 Return the total mass of the nucleus (without the electrons) in MeV.
virtual double total_mass_d (double Z, double N)
 Return the total mass of the nucleus (without the electrons) in MeV.
virtual double atomic_mass (int Z, int N)
 Return the atomic mass of the nucleus in MeV (includes electrons and their binding energy)
virtual double atomic_mass_d (double Z, double N)
 Return the atomic mass of the nucleus in MeV (includes electrons and their binding energy)
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::nucmass_info
int parse_elstring (std::string ela, int &Z, int &N, int &A)
 Parse a string representing an element. More...
int eltoZ (std::string el)
 Return Z given the element name abbreviation. More...
std::string Ztoel (size_t Z)
 Return the element name abbreviation given Z. More...
std::string tostring (size_t Z, size_t N)
 Return a string of the form "Pb208" for a given Z and N. More...

Protected Attributes

int n
 The number of entries (about 3000).
std::string reference
 The reference for the original data.
 The array containing the mass data of length ame::n.
int last
 The last table index for caching.
- Protected Attributes inherited from o2scl::nucmass_info
std::map< std::string, int, std::greater< std::string > > element_table
 A map containing the proton numbers organized by element abbreviation.
std::string element_list [nelements]
 The list of elements organized by proton number.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from o2scl::nucmass
double m_neut
 Neutron mass in $ \mathrm{MeV} $ (defaults to o2scl_mks::mass_neutron converted into MeV)
double m_prot
 Proton mass in $ \mathrm{MeV} $ (defaults to o2scl_mks::mass_proton converted into MeV)
double m_elec
 Electron mass in $ \mathrm{MeV} $ (defaults to o2scl_mks::mass_electron converted into MeV)
double m_amu
 Atomic mass unit in $ \mathrm{MeV} $ (defaults to o2scl_mks::unified_atomic_mass converted into MeV)
- Protected Types inherited from o2scl::nucmass_info
typedef std::map< std::string, int, std::greater< std::string > >::iterator table_it
 A convenient typedef for an iterator for element_table.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from o2scl::nucmass_info
static const int nelements =119
 The number of elements (proton number)

Detailed Description

Mg40 is present in some tables but not others. Compare hfb14-plain with hfb14-plain_v0. This may be related to the fact that the mass excess of Mg40 differs significantly between the 2003 and 2013 Audi et al. tables?
Update to include hfb17.

Definition at line 49 of file nucmass_hfb.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_ZN()

nucmass_hfb::entry o2scl::nucmass_hfb::get_ZN ( int  l_Z,
int  l_N 

This method searches the table using a cached binary search algorithm. It is assumed that the table is sorted first by proton number and then by neutron number.

◆ set_data()

int o2scl::nucmass_hfb::set_data ( int  n_mass,
nucmass_hfb::entry m,
std::string  ref 

This function is used by the HDF I/O routines.

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