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o2scl::nucmass_fit Class Reference

Fit a nuclear mass formula. More...

#include <nucmass_fit.h>

Public Types

typedef boost::numeric::ublas::vector< double > ubvector
typedef boost::numeric::ublas::vector< int > ubvector_int
typedef boost::numeric::ublas::vector< size_t > ubvector_size_t

Public Member Functions

virtual void fit (nucmass_fit_base &n, double &res)
 Fit the nuclear mass formula.
virtual void eval (nucmass &n, double &res)
 Evaluate quality without fitting.
void set_mmin (mmin_base<> &umm)
 Change the minimizer for use in the fit.
template<class vec_t >
void set_uncerts (vec_t &u)
 Set the fit uncertainties (in MeV)
template<class vec_t >
void set_uncerts (size_t nv, vec_t &u)
 Set the fit uncertainties (in MeV) from the first nv elements of u.
void eval_isospin_beta (nucmass &n, ubvector_int &n_qual, ubvector &qual, int max_iso=20)
 Evaluate isospin dependence of fit quality. More...
void eval_isospin (nucmass &n, ubvector_int &n_qual, ubvector &qual, int min_iso=-8, int max_iso=60)
 Evaluate isospin dependence of fit quality.
virtual double min_fun (size_t nv, const ubvector &x)
 The function to minimize.

Public Attributes

bool even_even
 If true, then only fit doubly-even nuclei (default false)
int minZ
 Minimum proton number to fit (default 8)
int minN
 Minimum neutron number to fit (default 8)
mmin_simp2 def_mmin
 The default minimizer. More...
std::vector< nucleusdist
 Select the experimental nuclei to fit.

Protected Attributes

ubvector uncs
 The pointer to the minimizer.
 The nuclear mass formula to fit to. More...

Fitting method

int fit_method
 Current fitting method.
static const int rms_mass_excess =0
 RMS deviation in mass excess.
static const int rms_binding_energy =1
 RMS deviation in binding_energy.
static const int chi_squared_me =2
 Chi-squared for mass excess using specified uncertainties.
static const int chi_squared_be =3
 Chi-squared for binding energy using specified uncertainties.

Detailed Description

There is an example of the usage of this class given in Nuclear mass fit example.

Idea for Future:
Convert to a real fit with errors and covariance, etc.

Definition at line 51 of file nucmass_fit.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ eval_isospin_beta()

void o2scl::nucmass_fit::eval_isospin_beta ( nucmass n,
ubvector_int n_qual,
ubvector qual,
int  max_iso = 20 
More documentation and compute uncertainty

Member Data Documentation

◆ def_mmin

mmin_simp2 o2scl::nucmass_fit::def_mmin

The value of def_mmin::ntrial is automatically multiplied by 10 in the constructor because the minimization frequently requires more trials than the default.

Definition at line 99 of file nucmass_fit.h.

◆ nmf

nucmass_fit_base* o2scl::nucmass_fit::nmf

This pointer is set by fit() and eval().

Definition at line 163 of file nucmass_fit.h.

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