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o2scl::nucmass_dglg::entry Class Reference

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#include <nucmass_dglg.h>

Public Attributes

int Z
 Proton number.
int N
 Neutron number.
double EHFB
 HFB energy minimum (MeV)
double BMIN
 β deformation at HFB energy minimum.
double GMIN
 γ deformation (degree) at HFB energy minimum.
double RCHFB
 Charge radius (fm) at HFB energy minimum.
double RPHFB
 Point proton radius (fm) at HFB energy minimum.
double RNHFB
 Neutron radius (fm) at HFB energy minimum.
double EABS
 CHFB+5DCH ground state (g.s.) energy (MeV)
double ECORR
 Correlation energy (MeV)
double BET01
 Mean g.s. beta deformation.
double GAM01
 Mean g.s. gamma deformation (degree)
double DELB01
 Variance of g.s. beta deformation.
double DELG01
 Variance of g.s. gamma deformation (degree)
double E21
 Yrast 2^+ state energy (MeV)
double E41
 Yrast 4^+ state energy (MeV)
double E61
 Yrast 6^+ state energy (MeV)
double E02
 First 0^+ excited state energy (MeV)
double E22
 Second 2^+ excited state energy (MeV)
double E23
 Third 2^+ excited state energy (MeV)
double PK0_2_1
 P(K=0) for yrast 2^+ state (%)
double PK2_2_2
 P(K=2) for second 2^+ excited state (%)
double PK2_2_3
 P(K=2) for third 2^+ excited state (%)
double BE2_2_1_0_1
 B(E2; 2^+_1 –> 0^+_1) (e**2 b**2)
double BE2_2_3_0_1
 B(E2; 2^+_3 –> 0^+_1) (e**2 b**2)
double BE2_2_1_0_2
 B(E2; 2^+_1 –> 0^+_2) (e**2 b**2)
double BE2_4_1_2_1
 B(E2; 4^+_1 –> 2^+_1) (e**2 b**2)
double BE2_2_3_2_1
 B(E2; 2^+_3 –> 2^+_1) (e**2 b**2)
double BE2_2_3_0_2
 B(E2; 2^+_3 –> 0^+_2) (e**2 b**2)
double RC5DCH
 CHFB+5DCH charge radius (fm)
double RP5DCH
 CHFB+5DCH point proton radius (fm)
double RN5DCH
 CHFB+5DCH neutron radius (fm)
double ROE0TH
 CHFB+5DCH squared E0 matrix element.
int NMIN
 For each Z : Neutron number at 5DCH proton drip-line.
int NMAX
 For each Z : Neutron number at 5DCH neutron drip-line.

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