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o2scl::nucmass_ame_exp Class Reference

Measured masses from the Atomic Mass Evaluation (no estimated masses) More...

#include <nucmass_ame.h>

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o2scl::nucmass_ame o2scl::nucmass_table o2scl::nucmass o2scl::nucmass_info

Public Member Functions

virtual bool is_included (int Z, int N)
 Return false if the mass formula does not include specified nucleus.
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::nucmass_ame
 nucmass_ame ()
 Create an AME mass object.
virtual const char * type ()
 Return the type, "nucmass_ame".
virtual double mass_excess (int Z, int N)
 Given Z and N, return the mass excess in MeV.
entry get_ZN (int l_Z, int l_N)
 Get element with Z=l_Z and N=l_N (e.g. 82,126).
entry get_ZA (int l_Z, int l_A)
 Get element with Z=l_Z and A=l_A (e.g. 82,208).
entry get_elA (std::string l_el, int l_A)
 Get element with name l_el and A=l_A (e.g. "Pb",208).
entry get (std::string nucleus)
 Get element with string (e.g. "Pb208")
bool is_loaded ()
 Returns true if data has been loaded.
int get_nentries ()
 Return number of entries.
std::string get_reference ()
 Return the reference.
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::nucmass_table
virtual double mass_excess_d (double Z, double N)
 Given Z and N, return the mass excess in MeV.
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::nucmass
virtual int get_nucleus (int Z, int N, nucleus &n)
 Fill n with the information from nucleus with the given neutron and proton number. More...
virtual double electron_binding (double Z)
 Return the approximate electron binding energy in MeV.
virtual double binding_energy (int Z, int N)
 Return the binding energy in MeV. More...
virtual double binding_energy_d (double Z, double N)
 Return the binding energy in MeV. More...
virtual double total_mass (int Z, int N)
 Return the total mass of the nucleus (without the electrons) in MeV.
virtual double total_mass_d (double Z, double N)
 Return the total mass of the nucleus (without the electrons) in MeV.
virtual double atomic_mass (int Z, int N)
 Return the atomic mass of the nucleus in MeV (includes electrons and their binding energy)
virtual double atomic_mass_d (double Z, double N)
 Return the atomic mass of the nucleus in MeV (includes electrons and their binding energy)
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::nucmass_info
int parse_elstring (std::string ela, int &Z, int &N, int &A)
 Parse a string representing an element. More...
int eltoZ (std::string el)
 Return Z given the element name abbreviation. More...
std::string Ztoel (size_t Z)
 Return the element name abbreviation given Z. More...
std::string tostring (size_t Z, size_t N)
 Return a string of the form "Pb208" for a given Z and N. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from o2scl::nucmass
double m_neut
 Neutron mass in $ \mathrm{MeV} $ (defaults to o2scl_mks::mass_neutron converted into MeV)
double m_prot
 Proton mass in $ \mathrm{MeV} $ (defaults to o2scl_mks::mass_proton converted into MeV)
double m_elec
 Electron mass in $ \mathrm{MeV} $ (defaults to o2scl_mks::mass_electron converted into MeV)
double m_amu
 Atomic mass unit in $ \mathrm{MeV} $ (defaults to o2scl_mks::unified_atomic_mass converted into MeV)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from o2scl::nucmass_ame
static const int measured =0
 Measured value from source data.
static const int estimated =1
 Value estimated in source data.
static const int not_calculable =2
 Value listed in data as not calculable.
static const int intl_computed =3
 Value computed by O2scl .
- Protected Types inherited from o2scl::nucmass_info
typedef std::map< std::string, int, std::greater< std::string > >::iterator table_it
 A convenient typedef for an iterator for element_table.
- Protected Attributes inherited from o2scl::nucmass_ame
int n
 The number of entries (about 3000).
std::string reference
 The reference for the original data.
 The array containing the mass data of length ame::n. More...
int last
 The last table index for caching.
- Protected Attributes inherited from o2scl::nucmass_info
std::map< std::string, int, std::greater< std::string > > element_table
 A map containing the proton numbers organized by element abbreviation.
std::string element_list [nelements]
 The list of elements organized by proton number.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from o2scl::nucmass_info
static const int nelements =119
 The number of elements (proton number)

Detailed Description

This class requires data stored in an HDF file and thus requires HDF support for normal usage.
The function nucmass_ame::get_nentries() doesn't work for this child class.

Definition at line 298 of file nucmass_ame.h.

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