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o2scl::nuclear_reaction Class Reference

A simple nuclear reaction specification. More...

#include <reaction_lib.h>

Public Member Functions

std::string to_string ()
 Convert the reaction to a string for screen output.
int clear ()
 Clear the rate.
 nuclear_reaction (const nuclear_reaction &nr)
 Copy constructor.
nuclear_reactionoperator= (const nuclear_reaction &nr)
 Copy constructor.
double rate (double T9)
 Compute the reaction rate from the temperature in units of $ 10^9 K $.

Public Attributes

size_t chap
std::string name [6]
 Names of the participating nuclei.
std::string ref
char type
 Type of rate (resonant/non-resonant/weak)
char rev
 Forward or reverse.
double Q
 Q value.
double a [7]
size_t Z [6]
 Proton number of participating nuclei.
size_t A [6]
 Mass number of participating nuclei.
size_t isomer [6]
 Isomer designation of participating nuclei.

Detailed Description

This class is very experimental.

Definition at line 48 of file reaction_lib.h.

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