Todo List
File givens_base.h
Make sure create_givens() in givens.h is documented.
File householder_base.h
Better documentation for the Householder functions.
Class o2scl::anneal_base< func_t, vec_t, rng_t >
I'm having trouble with std::uniform_real_distribution on clang at the moment, so this class uses o2scl::prob_dens_uniform for the moment.
Class o2scl::astep_gsl< vec_y_t, vec_dydx_t, vec_yerr_t, func_t >

Document what happens when the stepper function returns a non-zero value, as it's different now with the ode-initval2 function.

Document count, failed_steps, etc.

Member o2scl::deriv_eqi< func_t, vec_t >::deriv_vector (size_t nv, double dx, const vec_t &y, vec_t &dydx)
generalize to other values of npoints.
Class o2scl::fit_nonlin< func_t, vec_t, mat_t >

Allow the user to specify the derivatives

Fix so that the user can specify automatic scaling of the fitting parameters, where the initial guess are used for scaling so that the fitting parameters are near unity.

Class o2scl::hist

Check implementation of hist::extend_lhs.

More testing.

Class o2scl::inte_qawf_gsl_sin< func_t >
More documentation and examples for the qawf, qawo and qawc integrators.
Class o2scl::mcarlo_vegas< func_t, vec_t, rng_t >
Mode = importance only doesn't give the same answer as GSL yet.
Member o2scl::mcarlo_vegas< func_t, vec_t, rng_t >::vegas_minteg_err (int stage, func_t &func, size_t ndim, const vec_t &xl, const vec_t &xu, double &res, double &err)

Should stage be passed by reference?

There was an update between gsl-1.12 and 1.15 which has not been implemented here yet.

Class o2scl::mmin_bfgs2< func_t, vec_t, dfunc_t, auto_grad_t, def_auto_grad_t >
While BFGS does well in the ex_mmin example with the initial guess of $ (1,0,7\pi) $ it seems to converge more poorly for the spring function than the other minimizers with other initial guesses, and I think this will happen in the GSL versions too. I need to examine this more closely with some code designed to clearly show this.
Class o2scl::ode_bv_multishoot< func_t, vec_t, alloc_vec_t, alloc_t, vec_int_t, mat_t >
Improve documentation a little and create testing code
Class o2scl::ode_control_gsl< vec_y_t, vec_dydx_t, vec_yerr_t >
Double check that the improvements in the ode-initval2 routines are available here
Member o2scl::ode_iv_solve< func_t, vec_t >::solve_final_value (double x0, double x1, double h, size_t n, vec_t &ystart, vec_t &yend, func_t &derivs)
Document if yend can be the same as ystart.
Class o2scl::ode_rkf45_gsl< vec_y_t, vec_dydx_t, vec_yerr_t, func_t >
Check this because it may not give exact dydt_out.
Class o2scl::smooth_gsl
Needs a bit more error checking and more documentation.
Member o2scl::table3d::read_gen3_list (std::istream &fin, int verbose=0)
A bit more documentation needs to be added here.
Class o2scl::tensor_grid< vec_t, vec_size_t >
It is possible for the user to create a tensor_grid object, upcast it to a tensor object, and then use tensor::resize() to resize the tensor, failing to resize the grid. This probably needs fixing.
Member o2scl::vector_invert_enclosed_sum (double sum, size_t n, vec_t &x, vec2_t &y, double &lev, int verbose=0)
This function may also require that all of the y-vector values have the same sign or are all positive. Check this.
Class o2scl_hdf::cloud_file
Convert to use boost::filesystem .
Member o2scl_linalg::SV_decomp (size_t M, size_t N, mat_t &A, mat2_t &V, vec_t &S, vec2_t &work)
Test N=1 case, N=2 case, and non-square matrices.

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