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o2scl::comm_option_s Struct Reference

Command for interactive mode in o2scl::cli. More...

#include <cli.h>

Public Attributes

char shrt
 Short option ('\0' for none, must be unique if present)
std::string lng
 Long option (must be specified and must be unique)
std::string desc
 Description for help.
int min_parms
 Minimum number of parameters (0 for none, -1 for variable)
int max_parms
 Maximum number of parameters (0 for none, -1 for variable)
std::string parm_desc
 Description of parameters.
std::string help
 The help description.
 The pointer to the function to be called (or 0 for no function)
int type
 Type: command-line parameter, command, or both.

Detailed Description

See the o2scl::cli class for more details.

Definition at line 155 of file cli.h.

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