o2scl_linalg_bracket Namespace Reference

The namespace for linear algebra classes and functions with operator() More...


template<size_t N>
int LU_decomp_array_2d (const size_t n, double A[][N], o2scl::permutation &p, int &signum)
 Specialized version of LU_decomp for C-style 2D arrays. More...

Detailed Description

This namespace contains an identical copy of all the functions given in the o2scl_cblas namespace, but perform matrix indexing with [][] rather than (,). See o2scl_linalg for the function listing and documentation.

See Linear Algebra for more complete information about linear algebra in O2scl .

This namespace documentation is in the file src/base/cblas.h

Function Documentation

◆ LU_decomp_array_2d()

template<size_t N>
int o2scl_linalg_bracket::LU_decomp_array_2d ( const size_t  n,
double  A[][N],
o2scl::permutation p,
int &  signum 
Note that N and n must be equal, by no checking is done to ensure that this is the case

Definition at line 51 of file lu.h.

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