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inte_qng_gsl.h File Reference

File defining o2scl::inte_qng_gsl. More...

#include <o2scl/string_conv.h>
#include <o2scl/inte.h>
#include <o2scl/inte_gsl.h>
#include <o2scl/funct.h>

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class  o2scl::inte_qng_gsl< func_t >
 Non-adaptive integration from a to b (GSL) More...


 A namespace for the quadrature coefficients for non-adaptive integration.
 The main O2scl namespace.


static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::x1 [5]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::w10 [5]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::x2 [5]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::w21a [5]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::w21b [6]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::x3 [11]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::w43a [10]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::w43b [12]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::x4 [22]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::w87a [21]
static const double o2scl_inte_qng_coeffs::w87b [23]

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