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hh_base.h File Reference

File for householder solver. More...

#include <o2scl/err_hnd.h>
#include <o2scl/cblas.h>
#include <o2scl/permutation.h>

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 The namespace for linear algebra classes and functions.


template<class mat_t , class vec_t >
int o2scl_linalg::HH_svx (size_t N, size_t M, mat_t &A, vec_t &x)
 Solve a linear system after Householder decomposition in place. More...
template<class mat_t , class vec_t , class vec2_t >
int o2scl_linalg::HH_solve (size_t n, mat_t &A, const vec_t &b, vec2_t &x)
 Solve linear system after Householder decomposition.

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