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o2scl::root< func_t, dfunc_t > Class Template Referenceabstract

One-dimensional solver [abstract base]. More...

#include <root.h>

Inheritance diagram for o2scl::root< func_t, dfunc_t >:
o2scl::root_bkt< func_t, dfunc_t >

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * type ()
 Return the type, "root".
virtual int print_iter (double x, double y, int iter, double value=0.0, double limit=0.0, std::string comment="")
 Print out iteration information. More...
virtual int solve (double &x, func_t &func)=0
 Solve func using x as an initial guess.
virtual int solve_bkt (double &x1, double x2, func_t &func)
 Solve func in region $ x_1<x<x_2 $ returning $ x_1 $ .
virtual int solve_de (double &x, func_t &func, dfunc_t &df)
 Solve func using x as an initial guess using derivatives df.

Public Attributes

double tol_rel
 The maximum value of the functions for success (default $ 10^{-8} $ )
double tol_abs
 The minimum allowable stepsize (default $ 10^{-12} $ )
int verbose
 Output control (default 0)
int ntrial
 Maximum number of iterations (default 100)
bool err_nonconv
 If true, call the error handler if the solver does not converge (default true)
int last_ntrial
 The number of iterations used in the most recent solve.

Detailed Description

template<class func_t = funct11, class dfunc_t = func_t>
class o2scl::root< func_t, dfunc_t >

See the One-dimensional solvers section of the User's guide for general information about O2scl solvers.

Idea for Future:
Maybe consider allowing the user to specify the stream to which 'verbose' information is sent.

Definition at line 47 of file root.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ print_iter()

template<class func_t = funct11, class dfunc_t = func_t>
virtual int o2scl::root< func_t, dfunc_t >::print_iter ( double  x,
double  y,
int  iter,
double  value = 0.0,
double  limit = 0.0,
std::string  comment = "" 

Depending on the value of the variable verbose, this prints out the iteration information. If verbose=0, then no information is printed, while if verbose>1, then after each iteration, the present values of x and y are output to std::cout along with the iteration number. If verbose>=2 then each iteration waits for a character before continuing.

Definition at line 99 of file root.h.

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