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o2scl::quartic_real_gsl2 Class Reference

Solve a quartic with real coefficients and real roots (GSL) More...

#include <poly.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int solve_r (const double a4, const double b4, const double c4, const double d4, const double e4, double &x1, double &x2, double &x3, double &x4)
 Solves the polynomial $ a_4 x^4 + b_4 x^3 + c_4 x^2 + d_4 x + e_4= 0 $ giving the four real solutions $ x=x_1 $ , $ x=x_2 $ , $ x=x_3 $ , and $ x=x_4 $ .
const char * type ()
 Return a string denoting the type ("quartic_real_gsl2")
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::quartic_real
const char * type ()
 Return a string denoting the type ("quartic_real")

Public Attributes

double cube_root_tol
 A tolerance for determining the proper cube root (default $ 10^{-7} $ )

Detailed Description

This class directly solves resolvent cubic and associated quadratics without using the GSL functions (as done in quartic_real_gsl).

Idea for Future:
Optimize value of cube_root_tol and compare more clearly to o2scl::quartic_real_gsl

Definition at line 575 of file poly.h.

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