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o2scl::ode_bv_solve Class Reference

Base class for boundary-value ODE solvers. More...

#include <ode_bv_solve.h>

Inheritance diagram for o2scl::ode_bv_solve:
o2scl::ode_bv_mshoot< func_t, mat_t, vec_t, vec_int_t > o2scl::ode_bv_shoot< func_t, vec_t, vec_int_t > o2scl::ode_bv_shoot_grid< mat_t, mat_row_t, func_t, vec_t, vec_int_t >

Public Attributes

int verbose
 Set output level.

Static Public Attributes

Values for index arrays
static const int unk =0
 Unknown on both the left and right boundaries.
static const int right =1
 Known on the right boundary.
static const int left =2
 Known on the left boundary.
static const int both =3
 Known on both the left and right boundaries.

Detailed Description

This class is experimental.

Definition at line 44 of file ode_bv_solve.h.

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