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o2scl::lib_settings_class Class Reference

A class to manage global library settings. More...

#include <lib_settings.h>

Public Member Functions

std::string get_data_dir ()
 Return the data directory.
int set_data_dir (std::string dir)
 Set the data directory.
bool eos_installed ()
 Return true if the EOS library was installed.
bool part_installed ()
 Return true if the particle library was installed.
bool hdf_support ()
 Return true if O2scl was installed with HDF support.
bool openmp_support ()
 Return true if O2scl was installed with OpenMP support.
bool gsl2_support ()
 Return true if O2scl was installed with support for GSL V2.0+.
bool armadillo_support ()
 Return true if O2scl was installed with Armadillo support.
bool eigen_support ()
 Return true if O2scl was installed with Eigen support.
bool range_check ()
 Return true if range checking was turned on during installation (default true)
std::string time_compiled ()
 Return the time O2scl was compiled.
std::string date_compiled ()
 Return the date O2scl was compiled.
std::string o2scl_version ()
 Return the library version.
void config_h_report ()
 Report some of the settings from config.h.
convert_unitsget_convert_units ()
 Get the global convert_units object.
void set_convert_units (convert_units &cu)
 Set the global convert_units object.
Miscellaneous config.h string properties
std::string o2scl_name ()
std::string o2scl_package ()
std::string o2scl_bugreport ()
std::string o2scl_string ()
std::string o2scl_tarname ()

Public Attributes

convert_units def_cu
 Default convert units object.

Protected Attributes

std::string data_dir
 The present data directory.
 Pointer to current convert_units object.

Detailed Description

This class reports global O2scl settings such as the current version, whether or not sub-libraries were installed and what the current parent directory for O2scl data files is.

A global object of this type is defined in lib_settings.h named o2scl_settings .

Definition at line 76 of file lib_settings.h.

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