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o2scl::jacobian_gsl< func_t, vec_t, mat_t > Class Template Reference

Simple automatic Jacobian. More...

#include <jacobian.h>

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o2scl::jacobian< func_t, vec_t, mat_t >

Public Member Functions

double get_epsrel ()
 Get the relative stepsize (default $ 10^{-4} $ )
double get_epsmin ()
 Get the minimum stepsize (default $ 10^{-15} $)
void set_epsrel (double l_epsrel)
 Set the relative stepsize (must be $ > 0 $)
void set_epsmin (double l_epsmin)
 Set the minimum stepsize (must be $ \geq 0 $)
void set_shrink_fact (double l_shrink_fact)
 Set shrink factor for decreasing step size.
void set_max_shrink_iters (size_t it)
 Set number of times to decrease step size.
virtual int operator() (size_t nx, vec_t &x, size_t ny, vec_t &y, mat_t &jac)
 The operator()
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virtual int set_function (func_t &f)
 Set the function to compute the Jacobian of.

Protected Attributes

vec_t f
 Function values.
vec_t xx
 Function arguments.
size_t mem_size_x
 Size of allocated memory in x.
size_t mem_size_y
 Size of allocated memory in y.
double epsrel
 The relative stepsize for finite-differencing.
double epsmin
 The minimum stepsize.
size_t max_shrink_iters
 Maximum number of times to shrink the step size.
double shrink_fact
 Factor to shrink stepsize by.
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func_t func
 A pointer to the user-specified function.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from o2scl::jacobian< func_t, vec_t, mat_t >
bool err_nonconv
 If true, call the error handler if the routine does not converge.

Detailed Description

template<class func_t = mm_funct11, class vec_t = boost::numeric::ublas::vector<double>, class mat_t = boost::numeric::ublas::matrix<double>>
class o2scl::jacobian_gsl< func_t, vec_t, mat_t >

This class computes a numerical Jacobian by finite differencing. The stepsize is initially chosen to be $ h_j = \mathrm{max}(\mathrm{epsrel}~|x_j|,\mathrm{epsmin}) $. Then if $ h_j = 0 $, the value of $ h_j $ is set to $ \mathrm{epsrel}) $ .

Values of epsmin which are non-zero are useful, for example, in mroot_hybrids when one of the variables is either very small or zero, so that the step size doesn't become too small.

If the function evaluation leads to a non-zero return value, then the step size is alternately flipped in sign or decreased by a fixed factor (default $ 10^2 $, set in set_shrink_fact() ) in order to obtain a valid result. This process is repeated a fixed number of times (default 10, set in set_max_shrink_iters() ).

This is equivalent to the GSL method for computing Jacobians as in multiroots/fdjac.c if one calls set_max_shrink_iters() with a parameter value of zero.

If one row of the Jacobian is all zero, or if there was no step-size found which would give a zero return value from the user-specified function, then the error handler is called depending on the value of err_nonconv.

This class does not separately check the vector and matrix sizes to ensure they are commensurate.

Default template arguments

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