o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t > Member List

This is the complete list of members for o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >, including all inherited members.

auto_scale()o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
data_seto2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >protected
derivs_err(size_t func_index, size_t point_index, vec3_t &derivs, vec3_t &errs) consto2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
dist(size_t index, const vec2_t &x) consto2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inlineprotected
eval(const vec2_t &x) consto2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
eval(vec2_t &x, vec3_t &y) consto2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
eval_err(const vec2_t &x, double &val, double &err) consto2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
eval_err(const vec2_t &x, vec3_t &val, vec4_t &err) consto2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
get_data(size_t &n_in, size_t &n_out, size_t &n_points, vec_vec_t &vecs)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
interpm_idw() (defined in o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
nd_ino2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >protected
nd_outo2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >protected
npo2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >protected
operator()(const vec2_t &x) consto2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
ordero2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >protected
ptrso2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >protected
scaleso2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >protected
set_data(size_t n_in, size_t n_out, size_t n_points, vec_vec_t &vecs, bool auto_scale_flag=true)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
set_data(size_t n_in, size_t n_points, vec_vec_t &vecs, bool auto_scale=true)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
set_order(size_t n)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
set_scales(size_t n, vec2_t &v)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >inline
ubmatrix typedef (defined in o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >
ubvector typedef (defined in o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >
ubvector_size_t typedef (defined in o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >)o2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >
verboseo2scl::interpm_idw< vec_t >

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