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o2scl::interp2_eqi Class Reference

Two-dimensional interpolation for equally-spaced intervals. More...

#include <interp2_eqi.h>

Public Member Functions

double interp (double x, double y)
 Perform the 2-d interpolation.
int set_type (int type)
 Set the interpolation type. More...

Public Attributes

double xoff
 Offset in x-direction.
double yoff
 Offset in y-direction.

Protected Attributes

int itype

Detailed Description

This class is unfinished.

This implements the relations from Abramowitz and Stegun:

\[ f(x_0+p h,y_0+q k)= \]


\[ (1-p-q) f_{0,0}+p f_{1,0}+q f_{0,1} \]


\[ (1-p)(1-q) f_{0,0}+p(1-q)f_{1,0}+q(1-p)f_{0,1}+pqf_{1,1} \]


\[ \frac{q(q-1)}{2}f_{0,-1}+\frac{p(p-1)}{2}f_{-1,0}+ (1+pq-p^2-q^2)f_{0,0}+\frac{p(p-2q+1)}{2}f_{1,0}+ \frac{q(q-2p+1)}{2}f_{0,1}+pqf_{1,1} \]

Definition at line 60 of file interp2_eqi.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ set_type()

int o2scl::interp2_eqi::set_type ( int  type)
  • 3: 3-point
  • 4: 4-point
  • 6: 6-point (default)

Definition at line 84 of file interp2_eqi.h.

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