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o2scl::inte_pcubature< func_t, vec_t, vec_crange_t, vec_range_t >::cache Class Reference

Cache of the values for the m[dim] grid. More...

#include <cubature.h>

Public Member Functions

 cache (const cache &e)
cacheoperator= (const cache &e)

Public Attributes

std::vector< size_t > m
size_t mi
vec_t val

Detailed Description

template<class func_t, class vec_t, class vec_crange_t, class vec_range_t>
class o2scl::inte_pcubature< func_t, vec_t, vec_crange_t, vec_range_t >::cache

For adaptive cubature, thanks to the nesting of the C-C rules, we can re-use the values from coarser grids for finer grids, and the coarser grids are also used for error estimation.

A grid is determined by an m[dim] array, where m[i] denotes 2^(m[i]+1)+1 points in the i-th dimension.

If mi < dim, then we only store the values corresponding to the difference between the m grid and the grid with m[mi] -> m[mi]-1. (m[mi]-1 == -1 corresponds to the trivial grid of one point in the center.)

Definition at line 1504 of file cubature.h.

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