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o2scl::inte_hcubature< func_t >::rule75genzmalik Class Reference

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#include <cubature.h>

Inheritance diagram for o2scl::inte_hcubature< func_t >::rule75genzmalik:
o2scl::inte_hcubature< func_t >::rule

Public Member Functions

 rule75genzmalik (const rule75genzmalik &e)
rule75genzmalikoperator= (const rule75genzmalik &e)
- Public Member Functions inherited from o2scl::inte_hcubature< func_t >::rule
 rule (const rule &e)
ruleoperator= (const rule &e)

Public Attributes

std::vector< double > p
double weight1
 dimension-dependent constants
double weight3
double weight5
double weightE1
double weightE3
- Public Attributes inherited from o2scl::inte_hcubature< func_t >::rule
size_t dim
 The dimensionality.
size_t fdim
 The number of functions.
size_t num_points
 The number of evaluation points.
size_t num_regions
 The max number of regions evaluated at once.
ubvector pts
 points to eval: num_regions * num_points * dim
size_t vals_ix
 num_regions * num_points * fdim

Detailed Description

template<class func_t>
class o2scl::inte_hcubature< func_t >::rule75genzmalik

Based on rule75genzmalik.cpp in HIntLib-0.0.10: An embedded cubature rule of degree 7 (embedded rule degree 5) from Genz83.

Definition at line 606 of file cubature.h.

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