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o2scl::inte< func_t > Class Template Referenceabstract

Base integration class [abstract base]. More...

#include <inte.h>

Inheritance diagram for o2scl::inte< func_t >:
o2scl::inte_adapt_cern< func_t, nsub > o2scl::inte_cauchy_cern< func_t > o2scl::inte_gauss56_cern< func_t > o2scl::inte_gauss_cern< func_t > o2scl::inte_kronrod_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qng_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qag_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_singular_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qags_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_transform_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_cheb_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qagi_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qagil_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qagiu_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qawc_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qawo_gsl_sin< func_t > o2scl::inte_qaws_gsl< func_t > o2scl::inte_qawf_gsl_sin< func_t > o2scl::inte_qawo_gsl_cos< func_t > o2scl::inte_qawf_gsl_cos< func_t >

Public Member Functions

virtual double integ (func_t &func, double a, double b)
 Integrate function func from a to b.
virtual int integ_err (func_t &func, double a, double b, double &res, double &err)=0
 Integrate function func from a to b and place the result in res and the error in err.
double get_error ()
 Return the numerically estimated error in the result from the last call to integ() More...
virtual const char * type ()
 Return string denoting type ("inte")

Public Attributes

int verbose
size_t last_iter
 The most recent number of iterations taken.
double tol_rel
 The maximum relative uncertainty in the value of the integral (default $ 10^{-8} $)
double tol_abs
 The maximum absolute uncertainty in the value of the integral (default $ 10^{-8} $)
bool err_nonconv
 If true, call the error handler if the routine does not converge or reach the desired tolerance (default true) More...

Protected Attributes

double interror
 The uncertainty for the last integration computation.

Detailed Description

template<class func_t = funct11>
class o2scl::inte< func_t >

Idea for Future:
It might be useful to have all of the integration classes report the number of function evaluations used in addition to the number of iterations which were taken

Definition at line 44 of file inte.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_error()

template<class func_t = funct11>
double o2scl::inte< func_t >::get_error ( )

This will quietly return zero if no integrations have been performed or if the integrator does not estimate the error.

Definition at line 107 of file inte.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ err_nonconv

template<class func_t = funct11>
bool o2scl::inte< func_t >::err_nonconv

If this is false, the function proceeds normally and may provide convergence information in the integer return value.

Definition at line 81 of file inte.h.

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