o2scl::err_hnd_type Member List

This is the complete list of members for o2scl::err_hnd_type, including all inherited members.

err_hnd_type() (defined in o2scl::err_hnd_type)o2scl::err_hnd_typeinline
get(const char *&reason, const char *&file, int &line, int &lerrno)=0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
get_errno() const =0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
get_file() const =0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
get_line() const =0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
get_reason() const =0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
get_str()=0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
gsl_hnd(const char *reason, const char *file, int line, int lerrno)o2scl::err_hnd_typeinlinestatic
reset()=0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
set(const char *reason, const char *file, int line, int lerrno)=0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
type() const =0o2scl::err_hnd_typepure virtual
~err_hnd_type() (defined in o2scl::err_hnd_type)o2scl::err_hnd_typeinlinevirtual

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