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cblas.h File Reference

Header wrapper for cblas_base.h and documentation of o2scl_cblas, o2scl_cblas_bracket, o2scl_linalg and o2scl_linalg_bracket namespaces. More...

#include <cmath>
#include <o2scl/permutation.h>
#include <o2scl/cblas_base.h>

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 Namespace for O2scl CBLAS function templates.
 Namespace for O2scl CBLAS function templates with operator[].
 The namespace for linear algebra classes and functions.
 The namespace for linear algebra classes and functions with operator()


#define O2SCL_IX(V, i)   V[i]
#define O2SCL_IX2(M, i, j)   M(i,j)
#define O2SCL_IX(V, i)   V[i]
#define O2SCL_IX2(M, i, j)   M[i][j]

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