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Member o2scl::eos_had_ddc::calc_eq_e (fermion &neu, fermion &p, double sig, double ome, double rho, double &f1, double &f2, double &f3, thermo &th)
Is the thermodynamic identity is satisfied even when the field equations are not solved? Check this.
Class o2scl::eos_had_rmf
  • The functions fcomp_fields(), fkprime_fields(), and fesym_fields() are not quite correct if the neutron and proton masses are different. For this reason, they are currently unused by saturation().
  • The fix_saturation() and calc_cr() functions use mnuc, and should be modified to allow different neutron and proton masses.
  • Check the formulas in the "Background" section
  • Make sure that this class properly handles particles for which inc_rest_mass is true/false
  • The calc_e() function fails to converge at lower densities. See the testing code which has trouble with NL3 and RAPR
Member o2scl::eos_had_rmf::check_naturalness (eos_had_rmf &re)
I may have ignored some signs in the above, which are unimportant for this application, but it would be good to fix them for posterity.
Member o2scl::eos_had_rmf::fix_saturation (double guess_cs=4.0, double guess_cw=3.0, double guess_b=0.001, double guess_c=-0.001)
  • Fix this for zm_mode=true
  • Ensure solver is more robust
Member o2scl::eos_had_rmf::fkprime_fields (double sig, double ome, double nb, double &k, double &kprime)
This function, o2scl::eos_had_rmf::fkprime_fields() is currently untested.
Member o2scl::eos_had_schematic::baryon_suscep (double n, double x)
This function is untested.
Member o2scl::eos_had_schematic::set_a_from_mstar (double u_msom, double mnuc)
This was computed in schematic_sym.nb, which might be added to the documentation?
Class o2scl::eos_had_skyrme
  • Convert W0 to b4 and b4p everywhere
  • Remove use of mnuc in calparfun()?
  • Document o2scl_hdf::skyrme_load() file format.
  • Update reference list.
Member o2scl::eos_had_skyrme::alt_params_set (double Crr00, double Crr10, double Crr0D, double Crr1D, double Crt0, double Crt1, double CrDr0, double CrDr1, double CrnJ0, double CrnJ1, double alpha2)
These expressions are not exactly the same as those in Bender03, so I need to find out why and make this more clear.
Member o2scl::eos_had_skyrme::calpar (double gt0=-10.0, double gt3=70.0, double galpha=0.2, double gt1=2.0, double gt2=-1.0)

Does this work for both 'a' and 'b' non-zero?

Compare to similar formulas in Margueron02

Member o2scl::eos_had_skyrme::landau_neutron (double n0, double m, double &f0, double &g0, double &f1, double &g1)
This needs to be checked
Member o2scl::eos_had_skyrme::landau_nuclear (double n0, double m, double &f0, double &g0, double &f0p, double &g0p, double &f1, double &g1, double &f1p, double &g1p)
This needs to be checked.
Class o2scl::eos_nse_full
I don't think inc_lept_phot=false works because then all WS cells have infinite size because of no electrons. For the moment, this variable is protected to discourage the user from changing it.
Class o2scl::eos_nstar_rot_interp
Document what the nstar_rot code requirements are for the low-density part of the EOS.
Member o2scl::eos_quark_cfl::calc_eq_temp_p (quark &u, quark &d, quark &s, double &qq1, double &qq2, double &qq3, double &gap1, double &gap2, double &gap3, double mu3, double mu8, double &n3, double &n8, thermo &qb, double temper)
It surprises me that n3 is not -res[11]. Is there a sign error in the color densities?
Member o2scl::eos_quark_cfl::gapped_eigenvalues (double m1, double m2, double lmom, double mu1, double mu2, double tdelta, double lam[4], double dldmu1[4], double dldmu2[4], double dldm1[4], double dldm2[4], double dldg[4])
In the code, the equal mass case seems to be commented out. Why?
Class o2scl::eos_sn_ls
There are still a few points for which the electron/photon EOS seems to be off, but this may be the result of small inaccuracies from finite-differencing the LS table.
Class o2scl::eos_sn_stos
Add the T=0 and Ye=0 data to this class. Separate tables for these cases have been released, but I don't think this class can read them yet.
Class o2scl::eos_tov_buchdahl
Fix base EOS functions
Class o2scl::nstar_cold
Maybe calc_eos() doesn't really need a thermo object since it can use the default EOS thermo object and we can get rid of the class variables h, hb, and l
Class o2scl::nstar_rot

Better documentation is needed everywhere.

Test the resize() function

Class o2scl::nucleus_rmf

Better documentation

Convert energies() to use EOS and possibly replace sigma_rhs() and related functions by the associated field equation method of eos_had_rmf.

Document hw=3.923+23.265/cbrt(atot);

I believe currently the center of mass correction for the binding energy per nucleon is not done and has to be added in after the fact

Class o2scl::nucmass_ldrop
12/4/14: This doesn't gracefully handle negative values of n0 and n1 as then the neutron and proton densities become negative. This needs to be addressed. For now, there is a fix at line 246 in nucmass_ldrop.cpp .
Class o2scl::nucmass_ldrop_skin

This is based on LPRL, but it's a little different in Lattimer and Swesty. I should document what the difference is.

The testing could be updated.

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