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o2scl::nucleus_rmf::initial_guess Struct Reference

Initial guess structure. More...

#include <nucleus_rmf.h>

Public Attributes

double sigma0
 Scalar field at r=0.
double omega0
 Vector field at r=0.
double rho0
 Isubvector field at r=0.
double A0
 Coulomb field at r=0.
double fermi_radius
 The radius for which the fields are half their central value.
double fermi_width
 The "width" of the Fermi-Dirac function.

Detailed Description

The initial guess for the meson field profiles is a set of Fermi-Dirac functions, i.e.

\[ \sigma(r)=\mathrm{sigma0}/ [1+\exp((r-\mathrm{fermi\_radius})/\mathrm{fermi\_width})] \]

Definition at line 485 of file nucleus_rmf.h.

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