Equations of State of Hadronic Matter

The hadronic equations of state are all inherited from o2scl::eos_had_base : o2scl::eos_had_schematic, o2scl::eos_had_skyrme, o2scl::eos_had_rmf, o2scl::eos_had_apr, and o2scl::eos_had_potential.

The o2scl::eos_had_base class includes several methods that can be used to calculate the saturation properties of nuclear matter. These methods are sometimes overloaded in descendants when exact formulas are available.

There is also a set of classes to modify the quartic term of the symmetry energy: o2scl::eos_had_sym4_rmf, o2scl::eos_had_sym4_apr, o2scl::eos_had_sym4_skyrme, and o2scl::eos_had_sym4_mdi all based on o2scl::eos_had_sym4_base which can be used in o2scl::eos_had_sym4.

Akmal-Pandharipande-Ravenhall EOS example

This example computes the APR EOS with o2scl::eos_had_apr. It computes nuclear and neutron matter and then matter in beta-equilibrium with both a Maxwell construction (as done in the Akmal98eo) and a Gibbs construction to match the low- and high-density phases. Afterwards it computes the properties of neutron stars from the EOS. Most of the data is stored in o2scl::table_units objects and then written to HDF files in the examples directory.

This example is rather lengthy and the full source code is not duplicated here. The class created in that example is documented at ex_eos_had_apr . The EOS and mass radius curves for APR created by this example and for the Skyrme model SLy4 from the next example is below. The third figure below is the Gibbs phase transition for APR.

APR and SLy4 equations of state
APR and SLy4 mass-radius curves
The Gibbs phase transition in APR

Typical output:

Set output prefix to 'ex_eos_had_apr_' .

--------- Saturation properties --------------------

n_0: 1.598372e-01 fm^{-3}
E_B: -1.600066e+01 MeV
K: 2.659888e+02 MeV
S: 3.258870e+01 MeV
M^{*}/M: 6.982703e-01

--------- Nuclear matter ---------------------------

Mixed phase begins near nb=3.000000e-01 fm^{-3}.
Mixed phase ends near nb=3.440000e-01 fm^{-3}.
Generated file 'ex_eos_had_apr_nuc.o2'.

--------- Neutron matter ---------------------------

Mixed phase begins near nb=1.820000e-01 fm^{-3}.
Mixed phase ends near nb=2.120000e-01 fm^{-3}.
Generated file 'ex_eos_had_apr_neut.o2'.

--------- Neutron star matter ----------------------

Gibbs construction.
Mixed phase begins at nb=2.040000e-01 fm^{-3}.
Mixed phase ends at nb=2.380000e-01 fm^{-3}.

Estimate of transition density.
Without proton drip: density: 9.629129e-02 fm^{-3},
  pressure: 3.378590e-03 fm^{-4}.
9.241160e-02 3.335157e-08
3.473360e-03 3.364802e-09
9.193523e-02 -8.699631e-09
3.264555e-03 6.080532e-10
With proton drip: density: 9.588496e-02 fm^{-3},
  pressure: 3.340975e-03 fm^{-4}.

Generated file 'ex_eos_had_apr_nstar.o2'.

--------- TOV solver, M vs. R. ---------------------

Maximum mass is 2.191052e+00 solar masses.
Generated file 'ex_eos_had_apr_mvsr.o2'.

--------- TOV solver, 1.4 Msun ---------------------

Aprpoximate radius of a 1.4 solar mass neutron star is 1.150775e+01 km.
Generated file 'ex_eos_had_apr_m14.o2'.

5 tests performed.
All tests passed.

Skyrme EOS example

This example computes the EOS and neutron star properties using o2scl::eos_had_skyrme from a Skyrme model.

This example is rather lengthy and the full source code is not duplicated here. The class created in that example is documented at ex_eos_had_skyrme .

Typical output:

Model: SLy4

n_0=1.595468e-01 fm^-3
E_B=-1.597407e+01 MeV
K=2.299218e+02 MeV
S=3.200056e+01 MeV
S2=3.268041e+01 MeV
L=4.594269e+01 MeV

Pressure increases and energy of neutrons is positive.

Low density neutron matter: 
6.000000e-02 8.000000e-01 9.785527e-01 4.379924e-02
1.400000e-01 6.700000e-01 9.442975e-01 2.301924e-01
2.600000e-01 5.700000e-01 8.857063e-01 7.461390e-01
5.400000e-01 5.200000e-01 7.297300e-01 2.694011e+00
Quality: 2.444527e-01

Starting calc_eos().
baryon dens neutrons    protons     electrons   energy dens pressure
[1/fm^3]    [1/fm^3]    [1/fm^3]    [1/fm^3]    [1/fm^4]    [1/fm^4]
5.00000e-02 4.86790e-02 1.32100e-03 1.32100e-03 2.39973e-01 7.63983e-04
6.00000e-02 5.81993e-02 1.80069e-03 1.80069e-03 2.88145e-01 1.03523e-03
7.00000e-02 6.76798e-02 2.32020e-03 2.32020e-03 3.36369e-01 1.38632e-03
8.00000e-02 7.71288e-02 2.87117e-03 2.87117e-03 3.84649e-01 1.83840e-03
9.00000e-02 8.65531e-02 3.44694e-03 3.44694e-03 4.32993e-01 2.41253e-03
1.00000e-01 9.59578e-02 4.04217e-03 4.04217e-03 4.81408e-01 3.12949e-03
1.10000e-01 1.05347e-01 4.65252e-03 4.65252e-03 5.29903e-01 4.00968e-03
1.20000e-01 1.14721e-01 5.27916e-03 5.27291e-03 5.78486e-01 5.07150e-03
1.30000e-01 1.23997e-01 6.00337e-03 5.87151e-03 6.27165e-01 6.30622e-03
1.40000e-01 1.33218e-01 6.78222e-03 6.45771e-03 6.75946e-01 7.74724e-03
1.50000e-01 1.42407e-01 7.59255e-03 7.03628e-03 7.24838e-01 9.42084e-03
1.60000e-01 1.51576e-01 8.42410e-03 7.60858e-03 7.73850e-01 1.13486e-02
1.70000e-01 1.60729e-01 9.27054e-03 8.17515e-03 8.22991e-01 1.35505e-02
1.80000e-01 1.69873e-01 1.01275e-02 8.73625e-03 8.72270e-01 1.60454e-02
1.90000e-01 1.79008e-01 1.09918e-02 9.29200e-03 9.21695e-01 1.88518e-02
2.00000e-01 1.88139e-01 1.18610e-02 9.84250e-03 9.71278e-01 2.19872e-02
2.10000e-01 1.97267e-01 1.27333e-02 1.03878e-02 1.02102e+00 2.54692e-02
2.20000e-01 2.06393e-01 1.36072e-02 1.09281e-02 1.07095e+00 2.93145e-02
2.30000e-01 2.15518e-01 1.44816e-02 1.14634e-02 1.12105e+00 3.35398e-02
2.40000e-01 2.24644e-01 1.53556e-02 1.19938e-02 1.17135e+00 3.81615e-02
2.50000e-01 2.33771e-01 1.62286e-02 1.25195e-02 1.22185e+00 4.31955e-02
2.60000e-01 2.42900e-01 1.71000e-02 1.30406e-02 1.27256e+00 4.86577e-02
2.70000e-01 2.52031e-01 1.79695e-02 1.35573e-02 1.32348e+00 5.45635e-02
2.80000e-01 2.61163e-01 1.88368e-02 1.40697e-02 1.37464e+00 6.09285e-02
2.90000e-01 2.70298e-01 1.97018e-02 1.45781e-02 1.42602e+00 6.77676e-02
3.00000e-01 2.79436e-01 2.05644e-02 1.50826e-02 1.47766e+00 7.50960e-02
3.10000e-01 2.88575e-01 2.14246e-02 1.55835e-02 1.52954e+00 8.29283e-02
3.20000e-01 2.97717e-01 2.22825e-02 1.60810e-02 1.58169e+00 9.12792e-02
3.30000e-01 3.06862e-01 2.31382e-02 1.65753e-02 1.63411e+00 1.00163e-01
3.40000e-01 3.16008e-01 2.39919e-02 1.70666e-02 1.68680e+00 1.09595e-01
3.50000e-01 3.25156e-01 2.48437e-02 1.75553e-02 1.73978e+00 1.19588e-01
3.60000e-01 3.34306e-01 2.56940e-02 1.80415e-02 1.79305e+00 1.30156e-01
3.70000e-01 3.43457e-01 2.65430e-02 1.85256e-02 1.84663e+00 1.41315e-01
3.80000e-01 3.52609e-01 2.73910e-02 1.90077e-02 1.90051e+00 1.53076e-01
3.90000e-01 3.61762e-01 2.82383e-02 1.94882e-02 1.95472e+00 1.65455e-01
4.00000e-01 3.70915e-01 2.90854e-02 1.99674e-02 2.00924e+00 1.78464e-01
4.10000e-01 3.80067e-01 2.99325e-02 2.04454e-02 2.06410e+00 1.92118e-01
4.20000e-01 3.89220e-01 3.07802e-02 2.09226e-02 2.11930e+00 2.06429e-01
4.30000e-01 3.98371e-01 3.16287e-02 2.13993e-02 2.17485e+00 2.21410e-01
4.40000e-01 4.07521e-01 3.24785e-02 2.18758e-02 2.23076e+00 2.37075e-01
4.50000e-01 4.16670e-01 3.33301e-02 2.23523e-02 2.28703e+00 2.53437e-01
4.60000e-01 4.25816e-01 3.41840e-02 2.28291e-02 2.34367e+00 2.70509e-01
4.70000e-01 4.34960e-01 3.50405e-02 2.33065e-02 2.40069e+00 2.88304e-01
4.80000e-01 4.44100e-01 3.59001e-02 2.37849e-02 2.45810e+00 3.06833e-01
4.90000e-01 4.53237e-01 3.67634e-02 2.42645e-02 2.51590e+00 3.26111e-01
5.00000e-01 4.62369e-01 3.76308e-02 2.47455e-02 2.57410e+00 3.46149e-01
5.10000e-01 4.71497e-01 3.85028e-02 2.52284e-02 2.63272e+00 3.66960e-01
5.20000e-01 4.80620e-01 3.93800e-02 2.57133e-02 2.69174e+00 3.88556e-01
5.30000e-01 4.89737e-01 4.02627e-02 2.62007e-02 2.75119e+00 4.10949e-01
5.40000e-01 4.98848e-01 4.11516e-02 2.66907e-02 2.81107e+00 4.34152e-01
5.50000e-01 5.07953e-01 4.20471e-02 2.71837e-02 2.87139e+00 4.58177e-01
5.60000e-01 5.17050e-01 4.29497e-02 2.76799e-02 2.93215e+00 4.83035e-01
5.70000e-01 5.26140e-01 4.38600e-02 2.81797e-02 2.99336e+00 5.08739e-01
5.80000e-01 5.35221e-01 4.47786e-02 2.86834e-02 3.05503e+00 5.35300e-01
5.90000e-01 5.44294e-01 4.57059e-02 2.91913e-02 3.11717e+00 5.62730e-01
6.00000e-01 5.53358e-01 4.66424e-02 2.97035e-02 3.17977e+00 5.91041e-01
6.10000e-01 5.62411e-01 4.75887e-02 3.02206e-02 3.24286e+00 6.20243e-01
6.20000e-01 5.71455e-01 4.85454e-02 3.07426e-02 3.30644e+00 6.50349e-01
6.30000e-01 5.80487e-01 4.95129e-02 3.12700e-02 3.37050e+00 6.81369e-01
6.40000e-01 5.89508e-01 5.04918e-02 3.18030e-02 3.43507e+00 7.13316e-01
6.50000e-01 5.98517e-01 5.14826e-02 3.23419e-02 3.50014e+00 7.46199e-01
6.60000e-01 6.07514e-01 5.24859e-02 3.28870e-02 3.56573e+00 7.80031e-01
6.70000e-01 6.16498e-01 5.35022e-02 3.34386e-02 3.63183e+00 8.14821e-01
6.80000e-01 6.25468e-01 5.45321e-02 3.39970e-02 3.69847e+00 8.50580e-01
6.90000e-01 6.34424e-01 5.55760e-02 3.45624e-02 3.76563e+00 8.87321e-01
7.00000e-01 6.43365e-01 5.66345e-02 3.51352e-02 3.83334e+00 9.25052e-01
7.10000e-01 6.52292e-01 5.77083e-02 3.57156e-02 3.90159e+00 9.63784e-01
7.20000e-01 6.61202e-01 5.87977e-02 3.63040e-02 3.97039e+00 1.00353e+00
7.30000e-01 6.70097e-01 5.99033e-02 3.69005e-02 4.03975e+00 1.04429e+00
7.40000e-01 6.78974e-01 6.10258e-02 3.75056e-02 4.10968e+00 1.08609e+00
7.50000e-01 6.87834e-01 6.21655e-02 3.81194e-02 4.18018e+00 1.12893e+00
7.60000e-01 6.96677e-01 6.33231e-02 3.87423e-02 4.25126e+00 1.17283e+00
7.70000e-01 7.05501e-01 6.44991e-02 3.93745e-02 4.32292e+00 1.21778e+00
7.80000e-01 7.14306e-01 6.56940e-02 4.00163e-02 4.39518e+00 1.26381e+00
7.90000e-01 7.23092e-01 6.69083e-02 4.06680e-02 4.46803e+00 1.31092e+00
8.00000e-01 7.31857e-01 6.81426e-02 4.13299e-02 4.54148e+00 1.35912e+00
8.10000e-01 7.40603e-01 6.93974e-02 4.20022e-02 4.61555e+00 1.40842e+00
8.20000e-01 7.49327e-01 7.06733e-02 4.26852e-02 4.69022e+00 1.45883e+00
8.30000e-01 7.58029e-01 7.19707e-02 4.33791e-02 4.76552e+00 1.51036e+00
8.40000e-01 7.66710e-01 7.32901e-02 4.40844e-02 4.84145e+00 1.56302e+00
8.50000e-01 7.75368e-01 7.46322e-02 4.48011e-02 4.91801e+00 1.61681e+00
8.60000e-01 7.84003e-01 7.59974e-02 4.55296e-02 4.99522e+00 1.67175e+00
8.70000e-01 7.92614e-01 7.73863e-02 4.62702e-02 5.07306e+00 1.72785e+00
8.80000e-01 8.01201e-01 7.87992e-02 4.70230e-02 5.15156e+00 1.78511e+00
8.90000e-01 8.09763e-01 8.02369e-02 4.77884e-02 5.23072e+00 1.84354e+00
9.00000e-01 8.18300e-01 8.16996e-02 4.85667e-02 5.31053e+00 1.90315e+00
9.10000e-01 8.26812e-01 8.31881e-02 4.93579e-02 5.39102e+00 1.96394e+00
9.20000e-01 8.35297e-01 8.47026e-02 5.01626e-02 5.47218e+00 2.02594e+00
9.30000e-01 8.43756e-01 8.62439e-02 5.09807e-02 5.55403e+00 2.08914e+00
9.40000e-01 8.52188e-01 8.78122e-02 5.18127e-02 5.63655e+00 2.15355e+00
9.50000e-01 8.60592e-01 8.94082e-02 5.26588e-02 5.71977e+00 2.21918e+00
9.60000e-01 8.68968e-01 9.10322e-02 5.35191e-02 5.80369e+00 2.28604e+00
9.70000e-01 8.77315e-01 9.26848e-02 5.43940e-02 5.88831e+00 2.35414e+00
9.80000e-01 8.85634e-01 9.43664e-02 5.52837e-02 5.97364e+00 2.42348e+00
9.90000e-01 8.93922e-01 9.60776e-02 5.61883e-02 6.05968e+00 2.49407e+00
1.00000e+00 9.02181e-01 9.78186e-02 5.71082e-02 6.14645e+00 2.56592e+00
1.01000e+00 9.10410e-01 9.95900e-02 5.80435e-02 6.23393e+00 2.63903e+00
1.02000e+00 9.18608e-01 1.01392e-01 5.89945e-02 6.32215e+00 2.71341e+00
1.03000e+00 9.26774e-01 1.03226e-01 5.99614e-02 6.41110e+00 2.78908e+00
1.04000e+00 9.34909e-01 1.05091e-01 6.09444e-02 6.50080e+00 2.86602e+00
1.05000e+00 9.43012e-01 1.06988e-01 6.19437e-02 6.59124e+00 2.94426e+00
1.06000e+00 9.51082e-01 1.08918e-01 6.29595e-02 6.68243e+00 3.02380e+00
1.07000e+00 9.59119e-01 1.10881e-01 6.39919e-02 6.77437e+00 3.10464e+00
1.08000e+00 9.67123e-01 1.12877e-01 6.50413e-02 6.86708e+00 3.18680e+00
1.09000e+00 9.75093e-01 1.14907e-01 6.61078e-02 6.96056e+00 3.27027e+00
1.10000e+00 9.83030e-01 1.16970e-01 6.71915e-02 7.05481e+00 3.35506e+00
1.11000e+00 9.90931e-01 1.19069e-01 6.82927e-02 7.14983e+00 3.44119e+00
1.12000e+00 9.98799e-01 1.21201e-01 6.94115e-02 7.24564e+00 3.52864e+00
1.13000e+00 1.00663e+00 1.23370e-01 7.05481e-02 7.34223e+00 3.61744e+00
1.14000e+00 1.01443e+00 1.25573e-01 7.17026e-02 7.43961e+00 3.70759e+00
1.15000e+00 1.02219e+00 1.27812e-01 7.28753e-02 7.53780e+00 3.79909e+00
1.16000e+00 1.02991e+00 1.30088e-01 7.40662e-02 7.63678e+00 3.89195e+00
1.17000e+00 1.03760e+00 1.32399e-01 7.52755e-02 7.73657e+00 3.98617e+00
1.18000e+00 1.04525e+00 1.34748e-01 7.65033e-02 7.83717e+00 4.08175e+00
1.19000e+00 1.05287e+00 1.37133e-01 7.77498e-02 7.93859e+00 4.17871e+00
1.20000e+00 1.06044e+00 1.39556e-01 7.90151e-02 8.04082e+00 4.27705e+00
1.21000e+00 1.06798e+00 1.42016e-01 8.02993e-02 8.14389e+00 4.37678e+00
1.22000e+00 1.07549e+00 1.44513e-01 8.16026e-02 8.24778e+00 4.47789e+00
1.23000e+00 1.08295e+00 1.47049e-01 8.29250e-02 8.35251e+00 4.58039e+00
1.24000e+00 1.09038e+00 1.49623e-01 8.42666e-02 8.45807e+00 4.68429e+00
1.25000e+00 1.09777e+00 1.52235e-01 8.56276e-02 8.56448e+00 4.78960e+00
1.26000e+00 1.10512e+00 1.54885e-01 8.70079e-02 8.67174e+00 4.89631e+00
1.27000e+00 1.11243e+00 1.57574e-01 8.84078e-02 8.77985e+00 5.00443e+00
1.28000e+00 1.11970e+00 1.60302e-01 8.98272e-02 8.88881e+00 5.11397e+00
1.29000e+00 1.12693e+00 1.63069e-01 9.12663e-02 8.99864e+00 5.22493e+00
1.30000e+00 1.13412e+00 1.65875e-01 9.27250e-02 9.10934e+00 5.33732e+00
1.31000e+00 1.14128e+00 1.68720e-01 9.42035e-02 9.22090e+00 5.45113e+00
1.32000e+00 1.14840e+00 1.71605e-01 9.57017e-02 9.33334e+00 5.56638e+00
1.33000e+00 1.15547e+00 1.74529e-01 9.72198e-02 9.44665e+00 5.68306e+00
1.34000e+00 1.16251e+00 1.77492e-01 9.87577e-02 9.56085e+00 5.80118e+00
1.35000e+00 1.16951e+00 1.80495e-01 1.00315e-01 9.67594e+00 5.92075e+00
1.36000e+00 1.17646e+00 1.83537e-01 1.01893e-01 9.79192e+00 6.04177e+00
1.37000e+00 1.18338e+00 1.86619e-01 1.03491e-01 9.90879e+00 6.16424e+00
1.38000e+00 1.19026e+00 1.89740e-01 1.05108e-01 1.00266e+01 6.28817e+00
1.39000e+00 1.19710e+00 1.92902e-01 1.06745e-01 1.01452e+01 6.41356e+00
1.40000e+00 1.20390e+00 1.96102e-01 1.08402e-01 1.02648e+01 6.54041e+00
1.41000e+00 1.21066e+00 1.99342e-01 1.10079e-01 1.03853e+01 6.66873e+00
1.42000e+00 1.21738e+00 2.02622e-01 1.11776e-01 1.05067e+01 6.79852e+00
1.43000e+00 1.22406e+00 2.05941e-01 1.13493e-01 1.06291e+01 6.92979e+00
1.44000e+00 1.23070e+00 2.09299e-01 1.15229e-01 1.07523e+01 7.06254e+00
1.45000e+00 1.23730e+00 2.12697e-01 1.16985e-01 1.08765e+01 7.19676e+00
1.46000e+00 1.24387e+00 2.16134e-01 1.18760e-01 1.10016e+01 7.33248e+00
1.47000e+00 1.25039e+00 2.19609e-01 1.20555e-01 1.11276e+01 7.46969e+00
1.48000e+00 1.25688e+00 2.23124e-01 1.22370e-01 1.12546e+01 7.60839e+00
1.49000e+00 1.26332e+00 2.26677e-01 1.24204e-01 1.13825e+01 7.74858e+00
1.50000e+00 1.26973e+00 2.30269e-01 1.26057e-01 1.15114e+01 7.89028e+00
1.51000e+00 1.27610e+00 2.33900e-01 1.27930e-01 1.16412e+01 8.03348e+00
1.52000e+00 1.28243e+00 2.37569e-01 1.29821e-01 1.17720e+01 8.17819e+00
1.53000e+00 1.28872e+00 2.41275e-01 1.31732e-01 1.19037e+01 8.32441e+00
1.54000e+00 1.29498e+00 2.45020e-01 1.33661e-01 1.20364e+01 8.47214e+00
1.55000e+00 1.30120e+00 2.48802e-01 1.35610e-01 1.21701e+01 8.62140e+00
1.56000e+00 1.30738e+00 2.52622e-01 1.37577e-01 1.23047e+01 8.77217e+00
1.57000e+00 1.31352e+00 2.56478e-01 1.39562e-01 1.24403e+01 8.92447e+00
1.58000e+00 1.31963e+00 2.60372e-01 1.41566e-01 1.25769e+01 9.07830e+00
1.59000e+00 1.32570e+00 2.64302e-01 1.43588e-01 1.27144e+01 9.23366e+00
1.60000e+00 1.33173e+00 2.68269e-01 1.45629e-01 1.28529e+01 9.39056e+00
1.61000e+00 1.33773e+00 2.72272e-01 1.47687e-01 1.29925e+01 9.54900e+00
1.62000e+00 1.34369e+00 2.76310e-01 1.49763e-01 1.31330e+01 9.70898e+00
1.63000e+00 1.34962e+00 2.80384e-01 1.51857e-01 1.32745e+01 9.87051e+00
1.64000e+00 1.35551e+00 2.84493e-01 1.53969e-01 1.34170e+01 1.00336e+01
1.65000e+00 1.36136e+00 2.88637e-01 1.56097e-01 1.35604e+01 1.01982e+01
1.66000e+00 1.36718e+00 2.92816e-01 1.58243e-01 1.37049e+01 1.03644e+01
1.67000e+00 1.37297e+00 2.97029e-01 1.60406e-01 1.38504e+01 1.05322e+01
1.68000e+00 1.37872e+00 3.01276e-01 1.62586e-01 1.39969e+01 1.07015e+01
1.69000e+00 1.38444e+00 3.05556e-01 1.64783e-01 1.41445e+01 1.08724e+01
1.70000e+00 1.39013e+00 3.09869e-01 1.66996e-01 1.42930e+01 1.10448e+01
1.71000e+00 1.39578e+00 3.14216e-01 1.69225e-01 1.44426e+01 1.12189e+01
1.72000e+00 1.40141e+00 3.18594e-01 1.71471e-01 1.45931e+01 1.13945e+01
1.73000e+00 1.40699e+00 3.23005e-01 1.73732e-01 1.47447e+01 1.15717e+01
1.74000e+00 1.41255e+00 3.27448e-01 1.76009e-01 1.48974e+01 1.17505e+01
1.75000e+00 1.41808e+00 3.31921e-01 1.78302e-01 1.50510e+01 1.19309e+01
1.76000e+00 1.42357e+00 3.36426e-01 1.80610e-01 1.52057e+01 1.21129e+01
1.77000e+00 1.42904e+00 3.40962e-01 1.82933e-01 1.53615e+01 1.22965e+01
1.78000e+00 1.43447e+00 3.45527e-01 1.85272e-01 1.55183e+01 1.24817e+01
1.79000e+00 1.43988e+00 3.50122e-01 1.87624e-01 1.56761e+01 1.26685e+01
1.80000e+00 1.44525e+00 3.54747e-01 1.89992e-01 1.58350e+01 1.28569e+01
1.81000e+00 1.45060e+00 3.59401e-01 1.92374e-01 1.59949e+01 1.30469e+01
1.82000e+00 1.45592e+00 3.64083e-01 1.94770e-01 1.61559e+01 1.32385e+01
1.83000e+00 1.46121e+00 3.68793e-01 1.97180e-01 1.63179e+01 1.34318e+01
1.84000e+00 1.46647e+00 3.73531e-01 1.99603e-01 1.64810e+01 1.36267e+01
1.85000e+00 1.47170e+00 3.78297e-01 2.02040e-01 1.66452e+01 1.38233e+01
1.86000e+00 1.47691e+00 3.83089e-01 2.04491e-01 1.68104e+01 1.40215e+01
1.87000e+00 1.48209e+00 3.87908e-01 2.06954e-01 1.69767e+01 1.42213e+01
1.88000e+00 1.48725e+00 3.92753e-01 2.09431e-01 1.71441e+01 1.44227e+01
1.89000e+00 1.49238e+00 3.97624e-01 2.11920e-01 1.73125e+01 1.46259e+01
1.90000e+00 1.49748e+00 4.02520e-01 2.14422e-01 1.74820e+01 1.48306e+01
1.91000e+00 1.50256e+00 4.07440e-01 2.16936e-01 1.76526e+01 1.50371e+01
1.92000e+00 1.50761e+00 4.12386e-01 2.19462e-01 1.78243e+01 1.52452e+01
1.93000e+00 1.51264e+00 4.17355e-01 2.22000e-01 1.79971e+01 1.54550e+01
1.94000e+00 1.51765e+00 4.22348e-01 2.24549e-01 1.81710e+01 1.56664e+01
1.95000e+00 1.52264e+00 4.27365e-01 2.27110e-01 1.83460e+01 1.58795e+01
1.96000e+00 1.52760e+00 4.32404e-01 2.29682e-01 1.85220e+01 1.60944e+01
1.97000e+00 1.53253e+00 4.37465e-01 2.32265e-01 1.86992e+01 1.63109e+01
1.98000e+00 1.53745e+00 4.42549e-01 2.34860e-01 1.88775e+01 1.65290e+01
1.99000e+00 1.54235e+00 4.47654e-01 2.37464e-01 1.90568e+01 1.67489e+01
2.00000e+00 1.54722e+00 4.52781e-01 2.40079e-01 1.92373e+01 1.69705e+01
well_formed: 1
The EOS is acausal at nb=1.264761e+00, ed=8.723106e+00, pr=4.947616e+00 .
Going to Urca, pass 1: 
Computing adiabatic index: 
Going to Urca, pass 2: 
Urca: 1.416537e+00 0.000000e+00
Done with calc_eos().

Neutron stars:
M_{max} = 2.050120e+00 R_{max} = 1.004273e+01 cent. density = 1.187990e+00
R_{1.4} = 1.173793e+01 cent. density = 5.348781e-01

3 tests performed.
All tests passed.

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