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o2scl::eos_had_sym4_base Class Referenceabstract

A class to compute quartic contributions to the symmetry energy [abstract base]. More...

#include <eos_had_sym4.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int calc_e_alpha (fermion &ne, fermion &pr, thermo &lth, double &alphak, double &alphap, double &alphat, double &diff_kin, double &diff_pot, double &ed_kin_nuc, double &ed_pot_nuc)
 Compute alpha at the specified density.
virtual double calc_muhat (fermion &ne, fermion &pr)
 Compute $ \hat{\mu} $, the out-of-whack parameter.
virtual int calc_e_sep (fermion &ne, fermion &pr, double &ed_kin, double &ed_pot, double &mu_n_kin, double &mu_p_kin, double &mu_n_pot, double &mu_p_pot)=0
 Compute the potential and kinetic parts separately (to be overwritten in children)

Protected Attributes

fermion e
 An electron for the computation of the $ \hat{\mu}$.
fermion_zerot fzt2
 Zero-temperature fermion thermodynamics.

Detailed Description

The standard usage is that a child class implements the virtual function calc_e_sep() which is then used by calc_e_alpha() and calc_muhat(). These functions are employed by eos_had_sym4 to compute the EOS for an arbitrary dependence of the symmetry energy on the isospin.


Created for Steiner06.

Testing hasn't been working recently, especially for MDI-like models.

Definition at line 57 of file eos_had_sym4.h.

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