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ex_skyrme_data Class Reference

Output data for a Skyrme EOS [Example class]. More...

Public Attributes

string name
 Name of model.
double n0
 Saturation density.
double B
 Binding energy.
double K
double S
 Symmetry energy.
double L
 Symmetry energy slope parameter.
double m_max
 Maximum mass.
double r_max
 Radius of maximum mass star.
double nb_max
 Central baryon density of maximum mass star.
double r_14
 Radius of a 1.4 solar mass star.
double nb_14
 Central baryon density of a 1.4 solar mass neutron star.
double acausal
 True if the EOS is acausal.
double pressure_dec
 True if the pressure is flat.
double neut_qual
 Quality of neutron matter.
bool max_mass_ok
 True if the maximum mass is large enough.
bool inc_pressure
 True if the pressure is nondecreasing.
bool pos_neut
 True if neutron matter is always positive.
bool good_sat
 True if saturation is good.
double pure_neut
int other
bool success
double alt_S
 Alternate description of symmetry energy.
double E_neut_n0
 Energy of neutron matter at saturation.
double P_neut_n0
 Pressure of neutron matter at saturation.

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