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ex_eos_had_skyrme Class Reference

Class to analyze Skyrme EOSs and output the results [Example class]. More...

Public Member Functions

void compare_neut_nstar ()
 Generate a table comparing neutron matter and neutron star matter.
int check_pressure ()
 Check if the pressure of neutron matter is positive.
int low_neutron_mat ()
 Check low-density neutron matter.
int saturation_prop ()
 Test saturation density.
int mvsr ()
 Compute the M vs. R curve.
int json (vector< string > &sv, bool itive_com)
 Summarize the results of one model.
int summary (vector< string > &sv, bool itive_com)
 Summarize the results of one model.
int test (vector< string > &sv, bool itive_com)
 Test the code.
int store (vector< string > &sv, bool itive_com)
 Write to a file.
int unedf (vector< string > &sv, bool itive_com)
 Create data files for the UNEDF forces.
int load (vector< string > &sv, bool itive_com)
 Load internally stored model.
int run_all (vector< string > &sv, bool itive_com)
 Run all the models.

Public Attributes

eos_had_skyrme sk
 Base EOS model.
string name
 Model name.
double t0hc
 Parameter t0 in MeV.
double t1hc
 Parameter t1 in MeV.
double t2hc
 Parameter t2 in MeV.
double t3hc
 Parameter t3 in MeV.
double W0hc
 Parameter W0 in MeV.
double b4hc
 Parameter b4.
double b4phc
 Parameter b4p.
int verbose
 Verbose parameter.
bool output_files
 If true, create output files for individual EOSs.
string file_prefix
 Prefix for output files.
bool json_mode
 If true, output JSON.

Protected Attributes

nstar_cold nst
 To compute neutron stars.
fermion n
fermion p
thermo th
hdf_file hf
 File for I/O.
ex_skyrme_data res
format_float fd
 Formatting output.
table_units tneut
 Neutron matter.
table_units tneut2
 Neutron matter.

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