Neutron Star and Dense Matter Working Group

Nuclear Astrophysics Town Meeting

We are interested in any comments on the future of nuclear physics research with respect to all aspects of neutron stars. We are also interested in any comments on how the draft white paper could be improved. Submissions will be posted here as soon as possible.

Preliminary Schedule

15:00-15:15   C.J. Horowitz
15:15-15:30   W.G. Newton
15:30-15:40   W.G. Lynch (for Z.B. Chajecki)
15:40-15:45   H. Zheng
15:45-15:50   R. Michaels
15:50-16:30   Discussion

Community Submissions

H. Zheng (pdf, submitted on Aug. 4)
F.J. Fattoyev (pdf, submitted on Aug. 18)
W.G. Newton (pdf, submitted on Aug. 18)
C.J. Horowitz (pdf, submitted on Aug. 20)
R. Michaels (pdf, pptx, submitted on Aug. 21)
Z.B. Chajecki (pdf, submitted on Aug. 21)

Related Submissions in Low-Energy Theory Session

A. Bulgac, M. Forbes, and K. Roche (pdf)
S. Gandolfi (pdf)
A. Lovato (pdf)
J. Piekarewicz (pdf)

Related Submissions in Nuclear Astro Theory Session

S. Gandolfi (pdf)
A. Lovato (pdf)

Related Documents

Nuc Astro draft from 2012 (pdf)
LRP charge letter (pdf)
Astro/low-energy white paper from 2007 (pdf)
FRIB frontiers (pdf)
Mitchell institute map (pdf)
Tasks (pdf) and discussion (pdf)

Working Group Summary

Available in pdf.

Feel free to continue to send comments to us about the white paper over the coming days!