Fall 2017 Joint High Energy Physics and Astrophysics Seminar Schedule

Talks are on Wednesdays at 3:35pm in Nielsen 512. For updates and changes, contact Andrew W. Steiner. Graduate students signed up for credit, see instructions here.

Aug. 23Xiao Luo (Yale)Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber for Neutrino Physics

Abstract: The Time Projection Chamber (TPC) is a widely used detector technology in particle physics. As neutrino physics enters the era of precision measurement of oscillation parameters, Liquid Argon TPC (LArTPC) is chosen as the main detector technology for the future DUNE experiment - an international mega-science project seeking answers to the fundamental questions such as CP violation, neutrino mass hierarchy, and proton decay. In this talk, I will discuss the working principle of LArTPC, as well as advantages and challenges from the experiences of several existing LArTPC experiments.

Aug. 30
Sep. 6Wei Tang (UTK)Data Unfolding with Wiener-SVD Method
Sep. 13
Sep. 20
Sep. 27Leah Broussard (ORNL)TBD
Oct. 4
Oct. 11Yuri Kamyshkov (UTK)TBD
Oct. 18
Oct. 25Ryan Landfield (UTK)TBD
Nov. 1Zurab Berezhiani (University L'Aquila and LNGS/INFN)TBD
Nov. 8Reserved for student talks
Nov. 15Reserved for student talks
Nov. 29Reserved for student talks