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Welcome to the Asian Studies Program

The Asian Studies program at UTK provides an opportunity for the study of modern and ancient Asian civilizations. The cultural heritage of the Asian people has its roots in ancient civilizations with a different history than that of the West. These differences have tended to divide humanity. An understanding of the significance of Asia in world affairs and of Asian peoples in the human community is extremely beneficial. The Asian Studies major provides a broad liberal arts training combined with an Asian language and regional specialization that prepares a student for further study in this area or a wide variety of careers in business, government and international organizations.

Asian Studies at UTK is not a department, but a collection of courses that deals with different aspects of Asia and the Middle East. The faculty are drawn from the Departments of Architecture, Art, Broadcasting, History, Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Political Science, and Religious Studies. These courses do not require that students have any previous knowledge of Asia or Asian languages, but simply an interest and curiosity about this heavily populated part of the world. New students might also wish to begin study of one of the languages central to an Asian Studies major: Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese.

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