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Asian Studies Program

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Asian Studies majors are advised by Dr. Hoan Bui of the Department of Sociology (  Students are responsible for contacting their advisors to make an advising appointment.  Preparation is one of the keys to a successful advising session. Student should bring a DARS report for the Asian Studies major and the appropriate catalog year to the session.  This report will clearly show which requirements you have completed, which remain to be filled, and all courses that are not being used to fill any requirement.

Declaring Asian Studies as a Major

Students may declare a major by going to Arts & Sciences Advising.   It is important that you do so once you have decided to major in Asian Studies.  Only when you have declared the major, can your Asian Studies advisor access and print out your academic history. With the records access policy that the university has recently instituted, Asian Studies advisors no longer have access to the academic histories of students who are not majors.

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If a student and his/her advisor feel that the student should petition to have a course fulfill a particular requirement, they may do so through.  Students should bring a petition form, completed as much as is possible, to their advisor to approve and submit to the College.  There are two types of petitions, those for General Education requirements and those for other Arts & Sciences requirements, including all those for the major.  For further information regarding these two types of petitions and which to use, see the Arts and Sciences Advising Services' Petition Guidelines webpage.

The policy of the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office is to notify students only if their petition is turned down. Students may call 974-4483 or stop by Alumni Memorial Building, Room 1 to inquire about petitions.