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Dr. Charles H. Faulkner


  • Ph.D. 1970, Anthropology, Indiana University
  • M.A. 1961, Anthropology, Indiana University
  • B.A. 1959, Anthropology, Indiana University

Research Interests

Historic Archaeology and  Historic Architecture of East Tennessee, Cave Archaeology of the   Southeastern US, Prehistoric Rock Art

Selected Publications

Faulkner, C.H. (editor)  1996.  Rock Art of the Eastern Woodlands.  ARARA Occasional Paper No. 2.

Faulkner, C.H. (editor)  1986.  The Prehistoric Native American Art of Mud Glyph Cave.   The University of Tennessee Press.

Faulkner, C.H. and M.C.R. McCollough (eds.) 1974-1978.  8 Volumes reporting the  Normandy Reservoir Salvage Project.  University of Tennessee, Department of Anthropology, Report of Investigations.

Faulkner, C.H.  1972.  The Lake Prehistoric Occupation of Northwestern Indiana: A Study of the Upper Mississippi Cultures of the Kankakee Valley.  Indiana Historic Society, Prehistory Research Series  5(1)

Faulkner, C.H.  1965. The Old Stone Fort: Exploring an Archaeological Mystery.   The University of Tennessee Press.

Dr. Charles H. Faulkner

Contact Information

Dr. Charles H. Faulkner
Professor, Distinguished Professor of Humanities
250 South Stadium Hall
Knoxville, Tennessee

Phone: 865-974-4408