American Medical Student Association
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Pre-Med Chapter

Vice President

Action Coordinator

Action Coordinators are local AMSA officers who conceive, plan, and carry out a project of their choosing during the academic year. Events in the past have included a bake sale for Darfuri refugee medical camps, a public health-themed art display in the UC corridor, and initiating recycling of unused medical equipment at local hospitals. ACs have the full support of AMSA and can create committees or anything else that will help them carry out their project. The only duty of an AC is to carry out their project.
To run for action coordinator, simply fill out an application online - these can be found on the home page under the 'Links and Applications' heading on the bottom right; new ACs will be announced at the next meeting, Wednesday, April 7th at 7 pm in UC 223-224.  
Want to become more involved with AMSA but having trouble coming up with a project? No problem! This year's AMSA officers have many ideas and would be happy to share! There is a spot on the application to request an idea. Also, feel free to contact AMSA for ideas (

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