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University of Tennessee Africana Studies Program

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Core Faculty

Core faculty are tenure-track faculty and lecturers with teaching responsibilities in Africana Studies.

Michelle D. Commander, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 20th and 21st Century American Literature; Brazil; Cultural Studies; Diaspora; Ethnography; Ghana; Race and Ethnicity; Transnational Studies. 974-6974
Cynthia Fleming, Ph.D. Professor Twentieth Century U.S. Social/Cultural History, particularly the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s; U.S. Race Relations, and Black Educational History 974-2145
Johsua Inwood, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Urban (re)development, processes of racializaiton, landscape studies, contested notions of identity as well as justice studies 974-6170
Asafa Jalata, Ph.D. Professor and Interim Director Africana studies; global studies; political economy; race and ethnic studies; and social justice and democratic movements 974-7027
Bertin Louis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Cultural Identity, the African Diaspora, Gender, Globalization, Haitian Protestantism 974-7797
Gichingiri J. Ndigirigi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor African, African Diaspora literatues/drama/theater, Postcolonial and transnational studies 974-6942
Amadou Sall, Ph.D. Lecturer Environmental Education, Minority Student Success, African Studies, War, Violence and AIDS, Study Abroad Transformations, and Disproportionate of Minority Contact and Confinement 974-6719
Awa Sarr, Ph. D. Assistant Professor Francophone Literature; Sociology of Francophone African Literature, Colonial and Postcolonial Theories and Movements, Women's writing 974-6995
Addisu Tolesa, Ph. D. Lecturer Folklore, Oromo/African Studies, African American Folklore, Linguistics (Socio – Linguistics); History and Geography, Human Rights; and Oromo Education Studies and Research 974-2139
Jamal Watson, Ph.D. Lecturer Civil Rights Movement, the Black Church in America and African American Politics 974-5055

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty serve on the Africana Studies Advisory Committee and teach courses that are cross-listed in Africana Studies.

Tahira Akbar-Williams John C. Hodges Library, Research Services and Collections Department 974-0430
Debora R. Baldwin, Ph.D., Psychology 974-4361
Gina U. Barclay-Mclaughlin, Ph.D. College of Education, Health, and Human Services 974-6228
Katherine Leigh Chiles, Ph.D., English 974-6945
Dawn Duke, Ph.D. Modern Foreign Languages 974-7006
Felicia Felder-Hoehne John C. Hodges Library, Research Services and Collections Department 974-0018
Rosalind Hackett, Ph.D. Religious Studies 974-6980
Barbara J. Heath, Ph.D Anthropology 974-1098
Tricia Hepner, Ph.D. Anthropology 974-8962
Catherine Higgs, Ph.D. History 974-7095
John Hodges, Ph.D. Religious Studies 974-6983
Althea Murphy-Price, Ph. D. School of Art 974-3247
Jon Shefner, Ph.D. Sociology 974-7022
Gregory Tardy, Ph. D. School of Music 974-5537