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AEUB Project Information

A Historical Perspective

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Program is a pre-college program that is funded by the U.S. Department of Education for high school students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Upward Bound programs have been in existence over 35 years across the country and been at the University of Tennessee since 1981. Upward Bound programs were specifically created to help potential first-generation college students and students from families who meet income guidlines established by the federal government graduate from high school, attend college, and reach their full potential while in college. The program provides tutoring, ACT preparation, college and career information, instruction in academics, cultural enrichment and social counseling on a one-to-one basis with students in the program. It also gives students a chance to experience what college might be like following the 10th and 11th grade through a four-week residential program on The University of Tennessee's campus during the summer.

Who is Eligible?

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Programs accepts applications and nominations from the 10th and 11th graders. Students entering the Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Program must be enrolled in one of the following high schools: Anderson County, Austin-East, Central, and Clinton High Schools.

All students must:

  1. Meet family income guidelines established by the federal government;
  2. Be a potential first generation college student (neither parent has a 4-yr. college degree);
  3. Complete the entire application package;
  4. Complete an interview at UTK with at least one parent/guardian;
  5. Provide at least two recommendations from current high school guidance counselor and one teacher;
  6. Provide signed commitment of parental support;
  7. Want to pursue a career that requires a college education;
  8. Demonstrate a willingness and desire to actively participate in all program activities;

How To Apply

Step 1: Get an application from your high school guidance counselor, printing one from the applications page of the Academic Enrichment Upward Bound website, or by calling the CAPS Outreach Center at (865) 974-4466.

Step 2: Complete the entire application and return it to your high school guidance counselor or the Upward Bound representative visiting your school each week.

Step 3: An Academic Enrichment Upward Bound staff member will contact you within one week after your application is received to provide you with more details about your application.

Student Responsibilities

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Program staff realizes that it takes a very special student to be considered for its Upward Bound Program. Each Upward Bounder upon acceptance makes a commitment to the following:

- Attend all Saturday Sessions;
- Attend fieldtrips to various colleges and universities throughout the year;
- Attend weekly meetings at their high schools with the Upward Bound staff members;
- Commit to enrolling in college prep classes at their high schools each semester;
- Commit to attending a 4 week residential Summer component at UTK;

Saturday Session

There are Saturday Sessions held on the UTK campus for students in the Academic Enrichment Upward Bound program throughout the academic year. They are combinations of academics, tutoring, college visits, and cultural enrichment activities. Most Saturday Sessions consist of classes in math, science, and English classes, along with foreign language, ACT prep, scholar's bowl, and math and science tutoring. Other Saturday Sessions may consist of visiting local college campuses around the area or attending a play, art museum, or other cultural activities. Saturday Sessions are for the benefit of the students in that they help them with academics, college planning, and cultural enrichment while in high school.

h2>Be a Torchbearer

The Torchbearers is an opportunity for students to show their commitment to Academic Enrichment Upward Bound through participation in check-ins, Saturday Session, good grades and community service, and by going the extra mile to reach their goals. Being a member of the Torchbearers allows students to attend special field trips, to be a buddy to a new student, to be a teacher's aide, and to have a leadership role in the Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Program. Students are selected yearly and chosen based on eligibility requirements, completion of the Torchbearers application, submission of an Upward Bound Portfolio, and a personal interview with the Torchbearers committee.

Summer Component

The Academic Enrichment Upward Bound summer component consists of a 6-week learning opportunity. Four weeks is spent in a residential camp at The University of Tennessee that gives students a chance to experience what college life is like first hand. The students live in a residence hall while taking academic classes in science, English, math, foreign language, computer, and ACT prep that will prepare them for their classes the following year in school. They also have an opportunity to attend lectures given by guest speakers about careers, colleges, financial aid, and college life; participate in recreational activities such as sports, scholar's bowl and movies; and special events across The University of Tennessee campus. At the end of the Summer component students may have an opportunity participate in a 3-day trip to places of interest like Washington, D.C., Chicago, and St. Louis.

Bridge Component

The Bridge component offers a unique opportunity for students who excel during their Upward Bound experience. Seniors apply for a Bridge slot in early January. Students selected for Bridge attend UTK during the summer immediately following their high school graduation. Students are required to take classes that will transfer to their intended college in the Fall. Tutoring and counseling are also available through the Upward Bound office. All services, tuition, and fees are paid by the Upward Bound Program and this total scholarship equals almost $6,500 per student!

Staff Promise

The Academic Enrichment Upward Bound staff is committed to providing quality services to our students. We do not take our jobs lightly! Our commitment to you is the following: if you ever feel that we are not doing our jobs to your satisfaction, please let us know. We will take every measure to correct our actions and get back on track immediately!

Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Schools

-Anderson County High School
-Austin East High School
-Central High School
-Clinton High School

The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.