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AEUB Alumni

Robert Ogle
"It is an honor to be featured as a former Upward Bound member. I am an alumnus of Seymour High School and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I was a member of Upward Bound from 1986 to 1988 and attended two summer sessions, unfortunately, I am so old they did not have a Bridge program that I could attend."
"I have a BS in Education and I am currently an Educational Specialist for the Academic Enrichment Upward Bound program. Before taking my position with Upward Bound, I worked for Flyaway Indoor Skydiving and traveled to Zurich, Switzerland and Las Vegas, Nevada."

"Wherever I have been and whatever I have done, Upward Bound has been a foundation that served me well. I can still remember friends and teachers from my Upward Bound days. These people played an important part in teaching me lessons that I will never forget."

"If you are an Upward Bound student, I hope you are actively participating. I feel that if you think upward Bound hasn't done anything for you, you haven't really participated in Upward Bound the way you should. If you aren't in Upward Bound and you are just checking this site out, I would encourage you to consider making Upward Bound part of your life."

"I am still using the skills and lessons learned in Upward Bound over a decade ago. Upward Bound does more that give you something fun to do over the summer. Those that take advantage of all the resources of Upward Bound come away with experiences that will last a lifetime."

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