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Thank you for choosing to visit the UTK Academic Enrichment Upward Bound website. Choosing to participate in the Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Program means embarking on an experience that will help you attain your future educational, career, and personal goals. Our hopes and expectations are high! We hope and expect that your interest in learning will increase by your recognition of the value of education for future success.

The Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Program strives to support our students as they pursue their educational, career, and personal/social goals by offering a caring environment designed to encourage students to show respect to others, themselves, and their world; to teach students to be responsible for their actions and to maintain their personal integrity; to develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures; to promote lifelong learning and problem solving skills; to instill the ability and desire to set worthy goals; to equip students with the tools needed to complete their high school and postsecondary education; and to enable them to become productive citizens capable of adapting to a dynamic world.

To accomplish this mission, we, the Academic Enrichment Upward Bound staff commit to prepare our students to be productive citizens; to provide a positive role model in both academic and social settings; to support the goals of The University of Tennessee Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Program; to uphold the policies of The University of Tennessee; to advocate on behalf of the students; and to provide a support network to each Upward Bound student as they progress through high school and postsecondary education.

The decision you make to participate means that you are determined to grow personally, socially, and academically. These are worthy ambitions and we are sure that the remainder of your high school years will be made more meaningful as a result of your decision to be a part of the Academic Enrichment Upward Bound Program.

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