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Recent & past lab happenings:

  1. Bullet10/2015 Kenna is here working for a few weeks, Sonamkyi just arrived to work with us for a year, and Daan was recently funded to work on the WSR project.

  2. Bullet9/16/15 Aimee is at the Global Network of Long-term Observatories on Mountain Social Ecological Systems meeting discussing networks. It’s great to be back at RMBL in the fall.

  3. Bullet9/2/15 Belowground diversity can explain ecosystem multifunctionality. Click here to read about it in our new paper.

  4. Bullet9/15 Check out our lab ESA Centennial review paper on plant-microbe interactions under climate change published in Ecosphere.

  5. Bullet9/15 The labs in TN and Denmark are reassembling after the summer. Check out Sara Kuebbing’s new paper in Ecology on Pant-soil interactions promoting nonnative woody shrubs.

  6. BulletThe lab group is meeting up at ESA in Baltimore to give talk and celebrate 100 years of ESA.

  7. Bulletimee is heading to Colorado for field work. Jeremiah is already in Colorado. Courtney and Kenna are in Minnesota. Maja is in Abisko and Greg will be heading to Switzerland soon. The field season has begun!

  8. BulletAimee will start as the EIC of Ecological Monographs in 2016 - send EM your papers.

  9. BulletMartin Nunez is in Copenhagen to discuss mycorrhizae with the group.

  10. Bullet5/19-21/15 Aimee is at the Tropical Plant collections meeting at the Royal Academy of Denmark.

  11. Bullet5/18/15 We just received money from lykkes fond in Norway to explore alpine plant-fungal interactions with Mia Sørensen and Bente Graae.

  12. Bullet5/15/14 Read about ant impacts on ecosystems- new paper by Kendrick et al. in Ecosphere.

  13. Bullet5/14/15 Aaron Ellison comes into Copenhagen from Harvard Forest to give two seminars.

  14. Bullet05/10/15 Mark Bradford is in Copenhagen visiting and giving the Tuesday seminar.

  15. Bullet5/2015 The lab graduated a great group of undergrad researchers - we are looking forward to hearing about their new adventures.

  16. BulletKent and Nick are starting PhDs in the fall. Kent is headed to Kansas State (and Konza) while Nick is headed to Stanford (and the tropics).

  17. Bullet5/4/15 Ciska Veen from NIOO in the Netherlands visits with our group to discuss decomposition.

  18. BulletQiong Zhao is visiting with our group for the next 6 months.

  19. Bullet4/22/15 Jeremiah Henning is now a PhD candidate!

  20. Bullet4/20/15 Aimee is back at UT this week and in DC at the DOE TCP PI meeting next week.

  21. Bullet4/12/15 Jessica Moore was awarded a Yates fellowship from UT & was recognized as one of the top grad students in Arts and Sciences.

  22. Bullet4/10/15 Aimee is at a mycorrhizal-modeling workshop in Amsterdam thinking about carbon and scaling.

  23. Bullet2/27/15 Greg has a new paper out on resource limitations and ecosystem retrogression in Biogeochemistry!

  24. Bullet3/11/15 Learn how ectomycorrhizae influence decomposition in Jessica’s new Ecosphere paper, just published.

  25. Bullet3/5/14 Aimée is off to Aarhus to give a talk at the Danish OIKOS meeting and teach a class on writing and the editorial process.

  26. Bullet3/2/15 Hector Castro (lab alumni) is visiting from UT and discussing his cutting-edge metabolomics work. Great talk and discussions.

  27. Bullet2/16/14 Aimée is visiting with Ülo Niinemets group at the Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu

  28. Bullet2/4/15 Maja and Jeremiah are at the OIKOS meeting in Umeå presenting cool work.

  29. Bullet2/2/15 Jeremiah Henning is visiting Copenhagen.

  30. Bullet1/16/15 Kenna Rewcastle is a finalist for a Fulbright fellowship!

  31. Bullet1/13/15 Dan Simberloff is here visiting with the group and discussing the ecosystem service concept.

  32. Bullet12/1/14 We were awarded funds from the Carlsberg Foundation for Li-Cors for our warming x species removal project in mountains. The holiday season has begun.

  33. Bullet11/18/14 Leigh is giving a talk at CMEC today exploring how herbivores shape an ecosystems response to fire.

  34. Bullet11/13/14 Aimée is giving a talk at the “processes and players in the terrestrial carbon and nitrogen cycle” workshop in  Lund University, Sweden

  35. Bullet10/29/14 Great visit from David Wardle and Jordan Mayor (SLU).

  36. Bullet10/20/14 Taylor Ricketts (VT) and Josh Tewksbury (Luc Hoffmann Institute) are visiting us in Copenhagen this week - also, Quentin Reed (TN) arrives Wednesday and Leslie Riese (MD) Saturday.

  37. Bullet10/16/14 Aimee is in Manchester attending and giving a keynote talk at the British Ecological Society Plant, Soils, and Ecosystems Conference. So far, great conference.

  38. Bullet9/6/14 Leigh and Maja both moved to Copenhagen this week - welcome!

  39. BulletAfter a lot of great presentations at ESA in Sacramento, the groups are back in TN and Copenhagen.

  40. Bullet7/19/14 Tree lines in CO sampled. Jordan is off to sample Canada now. WSR sites are up and running in CO, China, and Sweden - Switzerland soon!

  41. Bullet7/13/`14 Jessica Moore won a ESA Microbial Ecology Section student travel award to attend the ESA meeting this August.

  42. Bullet7/11 Aimee and Nate are at RMBL with Quentin and Nick looking for tree line sites and setting up the WSR plots.

  43. BulletJeremiah is off to the Tibetan Plateau after finishing his NSF EAPSI orientation in Beijing.

  44. Bullet6/2014 Greg is in the field in Denmark, Nick and Quentin are in CO, Jeremiah just left CO for China, Courtney, Sneha, and Jessica are in MN and TN - loads of field work going on in the lab.

  45. Bullet5/16/14 Aimee is at Henan University presenting at the Young Ecologists Forum

  46. Bullet5/15/14 Jessica, Courtney and Sneah are in MN installing cores for the mycorrhizae project.

  47. Bullet5/8 Aimee is headed to Beijing to co-host the INTERFACE meeting.

  48. Bullet5/6-8 Aimee and Jessica are in DC at the DOE Terrestrial Carbon Program meetings presenting our cool new results. 5/1/14 Jiang won the won the 2014 Ecological Society of America best paper in ecological theory.

  49. Bullet4/29/14 Brandy Pieper, Outstanding Undergraduate; Sneha Patel, Undergraduate Award for Professional Promise; Jessica Moore, Best Progress Toward Dissertation, and alumni Su'ad Yoon, Outstanding Undergraduate Research. Congrats to an outstanding bunch.

  50. Bullet4/24/14 Microbial communities respond to experimental warming, but location matters. Read Melissa’s new paper in PeerJ.

  51. Bullet4/20/14 Kent Connell won the EURēCA poster competition at UT.

  52. Bullet4/22/14 The lab group is off the the Science and Engineering Festival in Washing DC.

  53. Bullet4/1/9/14 Kent Connell won the poster prize at the EUReKA poster competition at UT! Well done!

  54. Bullet4/21/14 Invasive pigs alter ecosystem structure - read Noellia’s paper in Ecosphere.

  55. Bullet4/10/14 Kenna was just funded by Sigma Xi to work in Sweden this summer! Congrats, Kenna.

  56. Bullet4/9/14 Jessica received funding from DOE to attend the Terrestrial Carbon Program’s annual meeting.

  57. Bullet4/2/14 Kenna and Sneha were both awarded undergrad summer fellowships. Kent is off to an REU at KBS. Lab alumni Alix and Su’ad were both awarded NSF GRFPs! Good week in the lab.

  58. Bullet3/24/14 Greg is exploring new field sites in Denmark.

  59. Bullet3/23/14 Aimee is off to Sydney to start a few new collaborations & get a bit of field work going.

  60. Bullet3//16/14 Aimee is off to the NAS Frontiers in Science and Engineering conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  61. Bullet3/7/14 Jeremiah was just awarded a NSF EAPSI fellowship to work in China this summer.

  62. Bullet Insects, nutrients, and plant invasion impact above- and belowground ecosystem function. Read Phoebe Wright’s under grad thesis just out in Ecology & Evolution

  63. BulletTwo co-occurring invasive woody shrubs alter soil properties and promote subdominant invasive species - check out Sara Kuebbing’s new paper out in Journal of Ecology

  64. Bullet1/19/14 Kenna & Greg are in Copenhagen. Maja and Dan will join us on Sunday to discuss the gradient work. The European gradient group is assembling.

  65. Bullet1/1/14 Dr. Emily Austin has a post-doc lined up in the Grandy lab. Congrats.

  66. BulletFisher et al. has a Marschner Review out on plant genetics, soils, and climate change. Read it here.

  67. Bullet12/1/13 We just received funding to work at the Hawkesbury Institute in Australia with Sally Power.

  68. Bullet11/25/13 Leigh Moorhead passed her orals today!

  69. Bullet11/21/13 Quentin passed his orals today!

  70. Bullet11/17/13 Leigh finally has her website up and running. Check it out.

  71. Bullet11/13/13 Maja Sundqvist was just awarded a Formas post-doc grant from Sweden to work with us on the global plant removal × warming study along gradients.

  72. Bullet11/13/13 Jessica Bryant (Moore) is a co-author on a paper looking at fire effects on pollinators in PLOS ONE.

  73. Bullet11/2/13 Aimee and Greg are off to Spain to discuss the future of biodiversity and global change research.

  74. Bullet10/31/13 There is a new Dr. in the lab! Emily successfully defended her PhD thesis today.

  75. Bullet10/16/13 Danny Lusk is back in the lab helping with our gradient work.

  76. Bullet10/7/13 Sarah Wood is back from Alaska & working in the lab finishing up her ant work.

  77. Bullet10/4/13 Aimee is just back from the DOE’s workshop on Research for Sustainable Bioenergy in  Washington DC.

  78. Bullet10/3/13 Jeremiah is in CO attending Enzymes in the Environment and TerraGenome RCN workshop.

  79. Bullet9/23/13 Jeremiah and Quentin are at RMBL working on the warming project - in the snow.

  80. Bullet9/15/13 Jessica, Sneha, and Courtney collected the first round of mycorrhizal decomp samples!

  81. Bullet9/13/13 Check out Kuebbing et al.’s new paper in Journal of Applied Ecology exploring the  ecosystem level impacts of two co-occurring invasive shrubs.

  82. Bullet9/12/13 The lab got to discuss tropical biogeochemistry with Sasha Reed (USGS) who was giving a talk at Oak Ridge National Lab.

  83. Bullet9/1/13 Greg Newman joined the lab today. Welcome, Greg!

  84. Bullet8/20/13 Jeremiah was awarded a grant to attend the Enzymes in the Environment and TerraGenome RCN workshop.

  85. Bullet8/18/13 Lab alumni, Emily Moran is starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Merced. Congrats!

  86. BulletWe have a new baby addition to the group. Jaime Call had a baby girl, Marisa. Congrats, Jaime.

  87. Bullet8/11- 8/25 Aimée is in China teaching a class on climate change at Peking University and checking out field sites on the Tibetan Plateau.

  88. Bullet8/3/2013 Leigh and Jessica are off to ESA to give posters and talks.

  89. Bullet7/9/2013 Warming and plant removal experiment up and running @ RMBL. Check out the picture!

  90. BulletJessica Bryant is at the 2013 Summer Soil Institute (SSI) at Colorado State University this week.

  91. Bullet7/1/3013 Jaime will be pursing a masters in soil science @ UT this fall! Congrats!

  92. Bullet6/25/2013 DOE just funded our work investigating mycorrhizal impacts on soil C!

  93. Bullet6/25/2013 Jeremiah is already at RMBL and Aimée is heading that way tomorrow

  94. Bullet6/12/13 Brandy is blogging from her REU in Puerto Rico - totally worth checking out HERE.

  95. Bullet6/1/13 Jeremiah is in Sweden for the boreal ecology class and Aimée is off the Czech Republic for an INTERFACE meeting.

  96. Bullet5/8/13 Aimée is in Costa Rica for 3 weeks teaching a Maymester Tropical biodiversity and Sustainability class.

  97. Bullet5/03/13 Our own Sarah Wood was awarded the EEB Outstanding Research award!

  98. Bullet5/01/13 Check out our Ecosphere paper on herbivore impacts on ecosystem development.

  99. Bullet4/30/13 Jeremiah was awarded summer support from RMBL.

  100. Bullet4/26/13 Jessica Bryant is presenting her work on mycorrhizae at the Mid-Atlantic States Mycology Conference in Beltsville, Maryland this weekend.

  101. Bullet4/20/13 Ecosystem Ecology group is collecting data at Coweeta this weekend.

  102. Bullet4/18/13 Aimee is off to Umeå to chat about ecosystem ecology. The lab is starting field work!

  103. Bullet04/11/13 Sarah Wood was awarded a Sigma Xi grant to fund her soil legacy work.

  104. Bullet04/10/13 Aimee is off to the University of Alberta to give a talk and sit on a PhD committee.

  105. BulletAlix Pfennigwerth will be joining the lab this fall!

  106. Bullet4/5/13 More news - Nora Dunkirk was accepted as an REU student at the Sevietta this summer.

  107. Bullet4/4/13 Kenna Rewcastle was accepted into the college scholars program, congrats!

  108. Bullet4/3/13 Aimee in in Germany - Leipzig and Jena discussing biodiversity.

  109. Bullet4/1/13 More good news, Brandy Pieper was accepted to an REU program in Puerto Rico.

  110. Bullet3/30/13 Lauren Breaza was awarded an NSF pre-doc award! Congrats, Lauren.

  111. Bullet3/29/13 Check out the picture of Jessica’s mycorrhizal decomp experiment that’s now up and running. Wahoo, productive spring break.

  112. Bullet3/20/13 Aimee is off to sunny Copenhagen to discuss biodiversity and climate change.

  113. Bullet3/13/13 Two great talks this Friday: Our own Leigh Moorhead is giving a talk at 9:00 am and Susan Mopper is giving the 3:30 pm seminar.

  114. Bullet2/22/13 Great group of students visiting for EEB interview weekend.

  115. Bullet2/16/13 Great lab trip to Coweeta plots -- even with the cold and getting lost. Check out the photos.

  116. Bullet2/13/13 Our lab celebrated Darwin’s birthday with cakes. Check the picture out!

  117. Bullet1/16/13 Jiang Jiang was awarded the MCED Award for Innovative Contributions to Ecological Modeling. Congrats!

  118. Bullet1/14/13 David Nogues-Bravo and Hans Henrik Bruun from the University of Copenhagen are on campus this week visiting with the group and giving great seminars.

  119. Bullet1/9/2013 Classes have started & Advanced Ecosystem Ecology is getting underway

  120. BulletA lot has been happening in the lab. Melissa’s paper is out in the December issue of AEM and Paul’s is out in the January issue of OIKOS.

  121. Bullet12/12 Our carbon proposal was funded and Aimee was awarded the Creative Achievement Award by the College of Arts and Sciences.

  122. Bullet12/13/12 Aimee is in DC at the ESA publication meeting “envisioning the future of ESA journals”.

  123. Bullet12/3/12 Aimee is giving an invited talk at AGU in the soil C session (highlighting M Cregger’s good work). Stop by if you can.

  124. Bullet11/30/12 Museum of Natural History in Berlin is awesome. Great way to end the DAAD tour.

  125. Bullet11/29/12 11/28/12 Aimee is in Leipzig. Check out the iDiv website. New synthesis center focusing on biodiversity in Germany. Tomorrow - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Resaerch (PIK), University of Potsdam & GFZ.

  126. Bullet11/27/12 Aimee visited the Jena experiment. Even in winter, it’s super cool & Eisenhauer gave a great tour. Off to the Helmholtz center this afternoon.

  127. Bullet11/26/12 Aimee is at the Max Planck Institute for biogeochemsitry in Jena visiting the Jena Drought Stress Experiment. Off to Friedrich Schiller University this afternoon.

  128. Bullet11/24/12 Aimee is off to Germany as part of the DAAD biodiversity and climate change science tour.

  129. Bullet10/22/12 Leigh and Jaime are a the soils meetings in Cincinnati this week presenting their work on how small mammals alter ecosystems.

  130. Bullet10/19/12 The lab had a nice visit with David Tilman who was the seminar speaker this week.

  131. Bullet10/6/12 Ecosystem Ecology class (EEB 404) went to Big South Fork Saturday to investigated how disturbance & forest type alters ecosystem properties & processes. We even saw a federally listed endangered plant. See pictures.

  132. Bullet10/4/12 The lab had a great visit with David Post.

  133. Bullet9/27/12 Angélica González from UBC was back on campus - we had a lot of great chats about using stable isotopes to explore food web interactions.

  134. Bullet9/21/12 The whole group is off for the lab retreat in NC on Friday - it should be a nice weekend for hiking and science. See the photos.

  135. BulletCongrats to Kelsey who is starting an internship at ORNL working with Jeff Warren! We’ll miss having her in the lab.

  136. Bullet9/6/12 Angélica González from UBC is visiting with our group this week to discuss stoichiometry. Lots of good discussions and a field trip.

  137. Bullet8/29/12 This week we welcomed Courtney, Brandy, Kent, Su’ad, Nora, and Sneha to the group. Look for lots of cool work coming from this group of undergrads in the next year.

  138. Bullet8/20/12 New PhD student Jeremiah Henning has arrived and the lab is assembling after a summer of field work. Data are rolling in...

  139. Bullet8/5/12 Great lab showing at ESA - talks and posters by Emily Austin, Noelia Barrios, Heather Tran, Sarah Wood, Johanna Reed, Relena Ribbons, Sara Kuebbing, and Lara Souza.

  140. Bullet7/22/12 Check out Castro et al.’s paper in Applied Soil Ecology on detecting bacterial communities using functional markers.

  141. Bullet7/15/12 Lara Souza just drove from OK to check out RMBL and discuss some new collaborations.

  142. Bullet6/27/12 Aimee is finally at RMBL in CO with Leigh, Sarah, Quentin and Corinne.

  143. BulletRelena has a new paper in Mymecological News on ants and ecosystem services.

  144. Bullet6/22/12 Congrats to Melissa, who is now Dr. Cregger! She is off to start a post-doc at the University of Illinois on July 30th!

  145. Bullet6/9/12 Just back from a great trip to scout sites in Xi’an on Mt. Taibai with Zhiyao Tang (PKU) and Nate Sanders (UT). See the pictures here.

  146. Bullet6/1/12 Aimee is off to China to scope out a new collaboration in mountains. We just welcomed a new tech, Robin Kirkegaard, to the group!

  147. BulletThree lab members are starting assistant professor positions: Lara Souza (The University of Oklahoma), Shannon Pelini (Bowling Green State University), and Chris Habeck (Kutztown University). Congrats!

  148. Bullet5/29 Our Initiative for Quaternary Paleoclimate Research proposal was supported again. Check out some of the cool things we are up to at our website (click here).

  149. Bullet5/25/12 Sam Chapman and Adam Langley visited to explore some new collaborations in NC and AZ and work on some old PJ data.

  150. BulletEmily Moran is off to start her new post-doc in Zurich Switzerland, Alix started her new job at Big South Fork, Heather started her job at the Sev. and Matt is off to medical school. We will miss them all!

  151. Bullet5/15/12 Jessica Bryant presented a poster on her modeling work at the enzyme Incorporating Enzymes and Microbial Physiology into Biogeochemical Models workshop in CO.

  152. Bullet5/14/12 Aimee got to spend the day at the Climani multi-factor climate change experiment outside of Copenhagen. Super cool.

  153. BulletAimee spend the day fishing with Maja and Dan -- and discussing new projects, of course.

  154. BulletAimee got to catch up with Paul Kardol in Sweden. He’s starting a bunch of cool plant-soil feedback studies up there. Here we are in his office at SLU.

  155. Bullet5/2/12 Aimee is off to MI for a SESYNC meeting, MA for a warm ants meeting (with Emily and Relena), Sweden to set up a new project and Denmark to follow up on some collaborations... busy few weeks.

  156. Bullet4/27/12 The group is off to DC for the USA Science fest and to meet with Senator Corker to discuss science education in TN. See the pictures here.

  157. Bullet4/25/12 Aimee is on her way to Boise State to give a talk and visit with MA de Graaff’s group! I hope to talk a lot about soils....

  158. Bullet4/23 - Check out Relena’s new blog on forests in transition. She is documenting her research as well as the location of some (still) happy Hemlock stands.

  159. BulletKathleen Treseder is visiting with our group this week. We are looking forward to a great seminar.

  160. BulletKelsey, Sarah, Kelly, and Jaime were all awarded undergraduate summer research funding!

  161. Bullet4/11/12 Erik Hobbie (UNH), Maja Sundqvist and Daniel Metcalfe (SEKSKO) are all visiting our group this week. We’ll be off to a weekend of mushroom hunting in the Smokies.

  162. Bullet4/8/11 Jeremiah Henning is joining the group as a PhD student this fall! Welcome!

  163. Bullet3/31/12 The ecosystem ecology group pulled exotic plants at the Dean’s Woods exotic plant pull. We managed to avoid getting poison ivy too!

  164. Bullet3/30/12 BIG NEWS in the ecosystem ecology lab! Leigh Moorhead was just awarded an NSF GRFP grant. AND Jessica Bryant was awarded an NSF GRFP honorable mention.

  165. BulletTad Fukami is visiting with the group this week. Should be a great talk on Friday at 3:30 and social at our place following.

  166. Bullet3/29/12 Check out the new INTERFACE discussion forum here. Lots of good information to come.

  167. Bullet3/2012 The small mammal plots were burned - and the results look great. Photos posted on the photo page.

  168. Bullet3/21/12 Check out Jason and Aimee’s new paper on mycorrhizae and soil carbon just out online early in Plant and Soil.

  169. Bullet3/2/12 Aimee is off to UBC to give a talk and to visit with Greg Crutsinger.

  170. Bullet3/1/12 Jessica Bryant gave a great 2nd year seminar today. Nice followup to Emily Austin’s great 4th year seminar last Friday.

  171. Bullet2/23/12 Grad student recruitment - we are looking forward to lab visitors coming thru starting today.

  172. Bullet2/18/12 Aimee is off to the University of New Mexico to give a talk, see some cool PJ work, and visit with folks. Finally saw the removal experiment!

  173. Bullet2/13/12 Aimee gets to meet up with Marcy Litvak today to chat about arid ecosystem ecology.

  174. Bullet2/13/12 Relena is off to the Nimbios working group “Disturbance Regimes and Climate-Carbon Feedback” today.

  175. Bullet2/12/12 We go to catch up with Yiqi Lou while he was in town for a Nimbios workshop.

  176. Bullet2/7-2/9/12 Our group had a lot of fun with Harry Greene and Rosie Gillespie while they were here for Darwin Day

  177. Bullet2/7/12 We welcomed a new junior addition to our lab today, Mila. Congrats to Lara!

  178. BulletCongrats to Hector Castro who just started a new position in the UT micro department UT.

  179. Bullet2/1/12 Rob Jackson is at UT giving a talk on the environmental impacts of shale gas removal and visiting with our group.

  180. Bullet1/31/12 Leslie Smith has joined our group as a visiting scientist. We are super excited to have her around to give us an ocean perspective.

  181. BulletBig news, Alix, who now has her BS, joined our group as our new lab and field tech. Welcome back

  182. Bullet1/22/12 Check all the group babies at Lara’s baby shower. We have a very fit group.

  183. BulletNimbios has a call for post-doctoral fellowships...

  184. BulletLara’s paper was just published in Ecosphere! Read it and you will know how warming and intra-specific variation alter carbon cycling.

  185. Bullet12/13 Aimee had a great tour of Sally Power’s experiment at Silwood park today (take a look). Gotta love multi-factor old field experiments. Relena is back from AGU.

  186. Bullet12/6 Relena is off to AGU in San Francisco to think about Earth System Models. Aimee is off to London to give talks at ULC and Imperial (and see some cool long-term experiments).

  187. Bullet11/29 Today is the last day of Ecology - BIO 250.

  188. Bullet11/24 Off to a very good Thanksgiving - Jessica’s work on soil carbon and mycorrhizae was funded by the JDRD program. Leigh and Jessica both submitted their proposals to the NSF.

  189. Bullet11/10 Relena submitted her EPA grant, Emily submitted her NSF grant, and Aimee gives her tenure talk tomorrow. It’s going to be a good weekend!

  190. BulletThe Brosi et al. paper on endophytes and climate change was just published as part of a New Phytologist Virtual Special Issue : ‘Sir Arthur Tansley’s ecosystem concept’. Super cool - take a look.

  191. Bullet10/21 Off to the lab retreat in GSMNP. Looking forward to some great discussions and nice fall hikes. Update -- GREAT weekend -- check out the photos!

  192. Bullet10/18 Herbivory, nitrogen, roots, oh my! To learn more check out Jarrod Blue’s cool new paper just published in Oecologia

  193. Bullet10/17 Everyone is preparing ten minute talks for the lab retreat this weekend....

  194. Bullet9/27 Fall break is this week, but the activity in the lab is increasing - Relena’s been in the field thinking about ants and ecosystems, Melissa and Emily are busy running TRFLP, and Leigh and Melissa are working on fellowship applications.

  195. Bullet9/25 Lara is off to NY to the permanova workshop. We are all looking forward to hearing the details!.

  196. Bullet9/16/11 There aren’t nearly enough papers on root decomposition - so check out MA’s cool new paper just out in SB&B

  197. Bullet8/19/11 Heather gave a great talk at ESA, classes have started, and Relena and Leigh have moved into their offices. Semester is off to a good start.

  198. Bullet8/3/11 Aimee is off to scout field sites at Schofield Pass today & at grazing sites tomorrow. Melissa is back from the microbe course. RMBL students give their talks on Friday & parts of the group are off to ESA in Austin on Friday.

  199. BulletSoil sampling at the CO ant study is finished. Check out the pictures!

  200. Bullet7/26/11 Check out the Ecosystem ecology lab on TV!

  201. Bullet7/18/11 Melissa Cregger was just awarded the Department of Energy Marvin L. Wesely Award for the best dissertation in the GCEP program.

  202. Bullet7/17/11 Congrats to Relena, who is now a master of science.

  203. Bullet7/16/11 Hector just had a paper published in AEM & Emily is harvesting her wood decomposition class × warming study.

  204. Bullet7/14/11 Marie-Anne’s paper was accepted to SB&B. Look for it on the site soon.

  205. Bullet7/4/11 Fourth of July is a big event at the RMBL. Check out the lab photos of the annual parade.

  206. Bullet6/2011 Melissa is at the Woods Hole Microbial Course. Aimee is headed to the RMBL for field work. Work on the Solidago & small mammal projects are well under way.... good start to the summer. 6/2011 Emily is back from Harvard Forest & Aimee is off to the NSF & then to Iceland for the second INTERFACE meeting.

  207. Bullet6/2011 Melissa is off to Sweden for the boreal ecology course, Heather started her REU in New Mexico & Sarah is on her way to the RMBL as a summer intern.

  208. Bullet5/11-5/13 Aimee is giving an invited talk at the 10th annual symposium for UK’s Center of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. Lots of cool talks from a bunch of disciplines.

  209. Bullet5/6/11 Lauren Breza won the EEB outstanding undergraduate award -- Heather Tran & Sarah Wood were both commended for their excellent work in EEB. Great end to the semester. Congrats!

  210. BulletCinco de Mayo and our lab group is celebrating by welcoming a new addition. Jessica Bryant gave birth to a baby boy today. Welcome Silas!

  211. BulletHector & Emily are on their way back from the “Ecology of Soil Microorganisms” meeting in Prague -- sounds like it was a good one!

  212. BulletMelissa Cregger was awarded the Cokkinius Graduate Student Award and Emily Austin was awarded a Science Alliance Graduate Student Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement. Congrats!

  213. Bullet4/27 Our Initiative for Quaternary Paleoclimate Research (IQPR) proposal was funded!

  214. Bullet4/25-26 Jen Martiny (UCI) is visiting with our group to chat about microbes. Nice end to the semester.

  215. Bullet4/14/11 Lara Souza was awarded an AAUW post doctoral fellowship! Congrats, Lara!

  216. Bullet4/13/11 Two new grad students will be joining our group this fall. Relena Ribbons will be a CIRE fellow working on her PhD & Leigh Moorhead will be starting a masters with us. Welcome!

  217. Bullet4/6/11 Jessica Bryant was awarded an Honorable Mention for her NSF GRFP proposal. Congrats!

  218. Bullet4/12/11 Sarah, Danny, Alix, and Melissa are all attending a science writing workshop with 'Nature' Magazine Editor M. Mitchell Waldrop today.

  219. BulletDanny is off to Australia after graduation & will do a bit of field work with Jen & Joe!

  220. Bullet4/7 Alix is in the news - for her other passion (bikes)

  221. Bullet4/1/11 Kailen Mooney is at UT visiting with our group.

  222. Bullet3/30 Melissa is off to the National Academy of Sciences, Arthur M Sackler Colloquia climate change meetings in DC

  223. Bullet3/30-31 Danny, Heather, Lauren & Sarah are all presenting posters at EURēCA -- go see their posters!

  224. Bullet3/29 Heather Tran will be an REU student at the Sevilleta LTER this summer & Sarah Wood received funding to work at the RMBL. Congrats!

  225. Bullet3/29 Matt Floyd was awarded an undergraduate research grant for the summer. Congrats, Matt!

  226. Bullet3/26 Heather Tran is giving a talk on her honor’s work in the UT honors symposia. Head over and see her.

  227. Bullet3/18- 3/25 Aimee is in Dundee, Scotland visiting with Alison Bennett and folks at the the SCRI.

  228. BulletMelissa was accepted to the Wood’s Hole microbial ecology course! Congrats!

  229. BulletEmily, Jessica, & Melissa all have new webpages (check them out)!

  230. Bullet3/4/-3/6/11 The lab is showing around prospective grad students for visitation weekend.

  231. Bullet2/28-3/3 Aimee is at the first INTERFACE workshop on  improving ESMs & experiments in Captiva Island Florida.

  232. Bullet02/25/10 Go listen to Melissa’s 4th year talk on precipitation change and soil microbial communities this Friday, 10 am, Dabney Hall 575

  233. Bullet02/22/11 Emily Moran is giving the Nimbios seminar today. It should be a good one!

  234. Bullet2/3/11 Sarah Wood was selected as one of 9 undergrads from across the state of TN to present her work at the MTSU 5th annual STEM Education Research Conference this weekend. Congrats, Sarah!

  235. Bullet2/1/11 Paul Kardol is now an Assistant Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeä

  236. Bullet1/20/11 see the cool new paper from OCCAM by Brosi et al. in New Phytologist

  237. Bullet1/10/11 The semester is starting, the lab is filling up & Aimee is in DC @ NSF.

  238. Bullet1/5/11 Happy New Year! Two new papers from the lab in GCB this week - one by Iversen et al. looking at nitrogen mineralization at different soil depths under elevated [CO2] & the other by Lou et al. that thinks about long-term approaches to examining ecosystem dynamics under global change.

  239. Bullet12/28/10 How much carbon can be stored in hybrid poplar stands? Check out the new Garten et al. paper in Biomass and Bioenergy

  240. Bullet12/20/10 check out Kardol et al.’s new paper on climate change impacts on soil microarthropods.

  241. Bullet12/12/10 It’s snowing @ UT & the semester is over.

  242. Bullet12/03/10 See the article on Sara’s trip to DC.

  243. Bullet12/02/10 Emily Austin is now a PhD candidate in EEB, congrats Emily!

  244. Bullet12/01/10 Check out our new lab member, Grant - While Colleen has gradated, we still claim him as an honorary ecosystem ecology lab member.

  245. Bullet11/29/10 Last day of Ecosystem Ecology class.

  246. BulletRoot exudation controls on decomposition? Read the new de Graaff et al. paper published in New Phytologist.

  247. BulletInterested in how climate change might alter fescue–fungal endophyte symbiosis? Check out the new Brosie et al. paper in New Phytologist

  248. Bullet10/27-29 Don Strong was visiting from UC Davis and gave two great seminars.

  249. Bullet10/22 Sarah Wood spent the weekend at the USA Science Fest on the mall in DC presenting her work on intra-specific variation in ecosystems. pictures

  250. BulletTara’s paper linking soil food web structure to above- and below-ground processes was recommended by Faculty of 1000

  251. Bullet10/18/10 Interested in how seedlings may respond to climatic changes? Check out the new Classen et al. paper in PLoS ONE

  252. Bullet10/19/10 Pictures from our Ecosystem Ecology field trip to the mammal plots

  253. Bullet10/5/10 Melissa is presenting at the Argonne Soils Workshop.

  254. Bullet10/2/10 Laura Burkel is visiting from Wash U to collect samples on the Solidago project.

  255. Bullet9/25/10 The ecosystem ecology lab section was in the field measuring ANPP and soil respiration.

  256. Bullet9/24/10 Rebecca McCulley was visiting with our group to chat about climate change and endophytes

  257. Bullet9/17-9/19 Aimee and Emily were at the warm ant meetings in NC this weekend.

  258. Bullet9/03/10 Look at the new Kardol et al. paper published in GCB on how climate change alters old field plant communities.

  259. Bullet9/03/10 Melissa just received funding to attend the Argonne Soils Workshop in October to learn about soil metagenomics.

  260. Bullet8/27/10 Check out the new Sackett, Classen & Sanders paper on soil mites published in OIKOS.

  261. Bullet7/31/10 Aimee, Melissa, Lara & Emily are all headed to ESA to give talks & posters.

  262. Bullet7/23-7/30 Aimee is at the RMBL installing two new experiments.

  263. Bullet6/21/10 Aimee is on her way to work with Paul Kardol & David Wardle in Sweden for the week.

  264. Bullet6/19/10 Check our the lab people page to see what the new group of undergrad collaborators are up to.

  265. Bullet6/10/10 Aimee is giving a talk to the Terrestrial Ecology group at the University of Copenhagen.

  266. Bullet6/9-6/11 Melissa is attending the GCEP meetings in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  267. Bullet6/6-6/9 Aimee is visiting with Wim van der Puttens group at the Instituut voor Ecologie (NIOO-KNAW) in The Netherlands.

  268. Bullet6/5/10 - Lara et al. are all busy in the field installing the new Solidago project.

  269. Bullet6/1/10 Aimee is in Spain looking at field sites in Donana National Park.

  270. Bullet5/26/10 Alison Bennett came to Copenhagen to visit with Aimee.

  271. Bullet5/18/10 Take a look at the new INTERFACE website.

  272. Bullet5/01/10 Greg is joining the faculty at UBC.

  273. Bullet4/30/10 Emily is giving a talk to the EEB department today.

  274. Bullet4/13/10 Aimee is visiting with Claus Beier at RISO

  275. Bullet4/10/10 Hector (& OCCAM) are featured in an ORNL video

  276. Bullet4/9/10 Aimee is giving a seminar at the University of Copenhagen today.

  277. Bullet4/8/10 More great news - Gordon and Heather were awarded grants for their summer research!

  278. Bullet4/8/10 Lauren, Phoebe, Heather, and Melissa are all presenting talks at ASB today.

  279. Bullet4/06/10 Emily Austin was awarded an NSF pre-doc fellowship. Congrats, Emily!

  280. Bullet4/04/10 Phoebe wins the SEC's most prestigious academic honor! Congrats, Phoebe!

  281. Bullet3/30/10 Marie-Anne de Graaff is now an assistant professor at Boise State University. Congrats!

  282. Bullet3/26/10 Check out Kardol et al.’s new paper in Ecology looking at climate change impacts on ecosystem function.

  283. Bullet3/10/10 Jessica Bryant will be starting a PhD with our group this fall. Welcome, Jessica.

  284. Bullet3/01/10 Stay tuned for information on the newly funded NSF RCN -- Integrated Network for Terrestrial Ecosystem Research on Feedbacks to the Atmosphere and ClimatE: Linking experimentalists, ecosystem and Earth system modelers (INTERFACE).

  285. Bullet2/10/10 If you are interested in climate change impacts on soil communities check out Castro et al.’s new paper in AEM.

  286. Bullet2/01/10 Colleen Iversen is now a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Lab. Congrats, Colleen!

  287. Bullet1/15/10 Cool paper on impacts of genotypic diversity by Genung et al. (including Cregger & Reynolds) in PLoS ONE

  288. Bullet1/12/10 Check out Souza, Kardol, and colleagues new paper on understory community development at FACE.

  289. Bullet12/15/09 Aimee is off to Denmark for the semester to work with the Terrestrial ecology group.

  290. Bullet11/20/09 Jen Ward from UNCA visits with our group.

  291. Bullet12/10/09 Ecology (BIO 250) final today

  292. Bullet11/16/09 Aimee is at the PER meetings in DC

  293. Bullet11/06/09 Mark Bradford from Yale is visiting with the lab.

  294. Bullet10/30/09 Doug Levey from the University of Florida is visiting with the lab.

  295. Bullet10/15/09 Aimee and Marie-Anne are at a NIMBioS workshop exploring theory and soil ecology.

  296. Bullet9/18/09 Sam Chapman and Adam Langley from Villanova visit the lab.

  297. Bullet9/2/09 Check out the new paper by Crusinger et al. in BAE on intra vs interspecific variation in Solidago decomposition rates.

  298. Bullet9/1/09 Paul is off to Sweden and New Zealand to start his new job with David Wardle.

  299. Bullet8/28/09 Phoebe and Lauren turned in their summer research papers today.

  300. Bullet8/20/09 Aimee started teaching Ecology (Bio 250) today.

  301. Bullet8/12/09 Aimee is in DC at a NSF climate change workshop.

  302. Bullet8/3/09 Paul, Lara, and Melissa are presenting new data at ESA.

  303. Bullet7/29/09 Lara is giving a talk at and visiting Tyson Research Center

  304. Bullet7/23/09  We are sampling at John Harte’s warming meadow today.

  305. Bullet7/12/09 Phoebe is running in the World Championships in Belgium. Paul and Emily are at the Soil Ecology meetings in VT.

  306. Bullet6/30/09 The Solidago project is up and running. Lauren & Lara have been taking NEE measurements.

  307. Bullet6/17/09 Aimee visited John Harte’s warming experiment at RMBL today.

  308. Bullet6/13/09 - Melissa is almost done installing probes and cores in NM.

  309. Bullet6/04/09 Emily Austin is in Sweden working and going to the Boreal Ecology Class.

  310. Bullet6/03/09 We are establishing the Solidago project at the Ag station today.

  311. Bullet6/02/09 The lab is being renovated - benches removed and power installed...

  312. Bullet5/27/09 Marie-Anne’s new paper in SB&B looks at plant genotype/ climate change interactions

  313. Bullet5/19/09 Emily Austin was awarded an Honorable Mention for her NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congrats, Emily!

  314. Bullet5/19/09 Melissa Cregger was awarded a DOD Smart fellowship. Congrats, Melissa!

  315. Bullet5/18/09 Check out the new paper by Garten et al. in Plant and Soil.

  316. Bullet5/17/09 Paul Kardol will be joining DA Wardle’s lab in New Zealand and Sweden this fall.

  317. Bullet5/17/09 Aimee is off the the ASM meetings in Philadelphia.

  318. Bullet5/11/09 Everyone is out collecting samples at P16 today - should make for a few busy days in the lab.

  319. Bullet5/5/09 Melissa passed her comps and is now a PhD candidate! Congrats, Melissa!

  320. Bullet4/24/09 Jason Hoeksema from the University of Mississippi is visiting the lab and giving the departmental seminar

  321. Bullet4/28/09 Aimee is visiting Rebecca McCulley’s group in KY to see her cool new warming experiment.

  322. Bullet4/21/09 Today was the first meeting of the UT Naturalists Club - if you would like to join contact Lauren Breza.

  323. Bullet4/17/19 Aimee is off to give a talk at the AAUW meeting in Maryland.

  324. Bullet4/17/19 Melissa is giving her second year talk today at UT.

  325. Bullet4/15/09 Aimee is off to UNCA to give a seminar and chat Jen Rhode & Jonathan Horton.

  326. Bullet3/30/09 Phoebe Wright & Lauren Breza were awarded undergraduate summer research fellowships.

  327. Bullet3/29/09 Aimee is off to Villanova to work with Sam Chapman and Adam Langley.

  328. Bullet3/27/09 Celebration party for Greg at Aimee and Nate’s place.

  329. Bullet3/28/09 Greg is now Dr. Crutsinger. Greg is starting a Miller Fellowship at UC Berkeley.

  330. Bullet3/26/09 Melissa was awarded a DOE GREF fellowship and a UT summer research fellowship.

  331. Bullet3/23/09 We welcome Mare-Anne’s new baby boy, Brennan, to the group (8 lbs, 20.5 inches)!

  332. Bullet3/23/09 Nick Haddad is visiting Tennessee.

  333. Bullet3/15/09 Melissa and Lara are off to Yale to collect Solidago genotypes with Os Schmitz.

  334. Bullet3/15/08 Check our Lara’s climbing interview

  335. Bullet3/13/09 Aimee is off to Copenhagen to give a talk and work on collaborations

  336. Bullet3/11/09 You should read Emily Austin’s paper that just came out in Soil Biology & Biochemistry

  337. Bullet3/12/09 Check out Anita’s new paper in Global Change Biology

  338. Bullet3/14/09 Emily is meeting with Aaron Ellison at Harvard Forest about collaborating on a new warming project.

  339. Bullet3/13/09 Aimee & Nate are off to Copenhagen to participate in a symposia and collaborate with the Macro-ecology group.

  340. Bullet3/10/09 Shannon Pelini is now Dr. Pelini. Shannon is off to start a new post-doc at Harvard Forest. Congrats, Shannon.

  341. Bullet3/1//09 Cayenne’s new paper in came out in Journal of Plant Ecology.

  342. Bullet3/04/09 Aimee is co-hosting a TERACC working group at Oak Ridge National Lab.

  343. Bullet2/17/09 Aimee is at the North American Carbon Program (NACP) meetings in San Diego.

  344. Bullet1/21/09 Emily was accepted to the boreal ecology class this summer. Congrats, Emily!

  345. BulletColleen, Aimee & Rich interviewed on Knoxville NPR