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Research in the ecosystem ecology laboratory focuses on the plant-soil interface and how abiotic and biotic factors interact to shape ecosystem structure and function.

2014: The Ecosystem Ecology Lab has moved, in part, to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

  1. Bullet10/20 Taylor Ricketts (VT) and Josh Tewksbury (Luc Hoffmann Institute) are visiting us in Copenhagen this week - also, Quentin Reed (TN) arrives Wednesday, Jessica Moore (TN) Friday, and Leslie Riese (MD) Saturday. Busy week of science!

  2. Bullet10/16/14 Aimee is in Manchester attending and giving a keynote talk at the British Ecological Society Plant, Soils, and Ecosystems Conference. So far, great conference!

  3. Bullet9/6/14 Leigh and Maja both moved to Copenhagen this week - welcome!

  4. BulletAfter a lot of great presentations at ESA in Sacramento, the groups are back in TN and Copenhagen.

  5. Bullet7/19/14 Tree lines in CO sampled. Jordan is off to sample Canada now. WSR sites are up and running in CO, China, and Sweden - Switzerland soon!

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