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Research in our laboratory focuses on the plant-soil interface and how abiotic and biotic factors interact to shape ecosystem structure and function.

2014: The lab has moved, in part, to the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. We are not accepting MS/PhD students at UTK.

  1. Bullet9/2/15 Belowground diversity can explain ecosystem multifunctionality. Click here to read about it in our new paper.

  2. Bullet9/15 Check out our lab ESA Centennial review paper on plant-microbe interactions under climate change published in Ecosphere.

  3. Bullet9/15 The labs in TN and Denmark are reassembling after the summer. Check out Sara Kuebbing’s new paper in Ecology on Pant-soil interactions promoting nonnative woody shrubs.

  4. BulletThe lab group is meeting up at ESA in Baltimore to give talk and celebrate 100 years of ESA.

  5. BulletAimee is heading to Colorado for field work. Jeremiah is already in Colorado. Courtney and Kenna are in Minnesota. Maja is in Abisko and Greg will be heading to Switzerland soon. The field season has begun!

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