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Research in the ecosystem ecology laboratory focuses on the plant-soil interface and how abiotic and biotic factors interact to shape ecosystem structure and function.

2014: The Ecosystem Ecology Lab has moved, in part, to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

  1. Bullet2/16/14 Aimée is visiting with Ülo Niinemets group at the Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu.

  2. Bullet2/4/15 Maja and Jeremiah are at the OIKOS meeting in Umeå presenting cool work.

  3. Bullet2/2/15 Jeremiah Henning is visiting Copenhagen.

  4. Bullet1/16/15 Kenna Rewcastle is a finalist for a Fulbright fellowship!

  5. Bullet1/13/15 Dan Simberloff is here visiting with the group and discussing the ecosystem service concept.

  6. Bullet12/1/14 We were awarded funds from the Carlsberg Foundation to buy Li-Cors for our warming x species removal project in mountains! The holiday season has begun.

  7. Bullet11/18/14 Leigh is giving a talk at CMEC today exploring how herbivores shape an ecosystems response to fire.

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