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Research in the ecosystem ecology laboratory focuses on the plant-soil interface and how abiotic and biotic factors interact to shape ecosystem structure and function.

2014: The Ecosystem Ecology Lab has moved, in part, to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

  1. Bullet9/6/14 Leigh and Maja both moved to Copenhagen this week - welcome!

  2. BulletAfter a lot of great presentations at ESA in Sacramento, the groups are back in Tn and Copenhagen.

  3. Bullet7/19/14 Tree lines in CO sampled. Jordan is off to sample Canada now. WSR sites are up and running in CO, China, and Sweden - Switzerland soon!

  4. Bullet7/13/`14 Jessica Moore won a ESA Microbial Ecology Section student travel award to attend the ESA meeting this August.

  5. Bullet7/11 Aimee and Nate are at RMBL with Quentin and Nick looking for tree line sites and setting up the WSR plots.

  6. BulletJeremiah is off to the Tibetan Plateau after finishing his NSF EAPSI orientation in Beijing.

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