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Research in the ecosystem ecology laboratory focuses on the plant-soil interface and how abiotic and biotic factors interact to shape ecosystem structure and function.

2014: The Ecosystem Ecology Lab has moved, in part, to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

  1. Bullet4/12/15 Jessica Moore was awarded a Yates fellowship from UT & was recognized as one of the top grad students in Arts and Sciences.

  2. Bullet4/10/15 Aimee is at a mycorrhizal-modeling workshop in Amsterdam thinking about carbon and scaling.

  3. Bullet2/27/15 Greg has a new paper out on resource limitations and ecosystem retrogression in Biogeochemistry!

  4. Bullet3/11/15 Learn how ectomycorrhizae influence decomposition in Jessica’s new Ecosphere paper, just published.

  5. Bullet3/5/14 Aimée is off to Aarhus to give a talk at the Danish OIKOS meeting and teach a class on writing and the editorial process.

  6. Bullet3/2/15 Hector Castro (lab alumni) is visiting from UT and discussing his cutting-edge metabolomics work. Great talk and discussions. .

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