The Ecosystem Ecology Lab

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Danish Biodiversity and Function

We are part of the BIOWIDE project exploring above- and below-ground biodiversity and ecosystem function across Danish ecosystems.

Warming And species Removal in Mountains (WARM)

With numerous collaborators, we established a warming by diversity experiment along elevation gradients at ten montane sites located around the globe. Together we are exploring and modeling the individual and combined effects of warming and plant community change on community traits and ecosystem function.

Funded by the Carlsberg Foundation & the Swedish FORMAS program.

Mycorrhizal impacts on soil carbon dynamics

Using models and experiments, we are exploring the relationships between soil carbon degradation, soil physical properties, and microbial and plant presence across ecotypes with collaborators Melanie Mayes (ORNL) and Dan Metcalfe (Lund).

This work is funded by the US Department of Energy.

How small mammals shape soil legacies

We aim to understand how small mammal activity and disturbance influences the structure, function, and trajectory of an old field ecosystem.

An Integrated Network for Terrestrial Ecosystem Research on Feedbacks to the Atmosphere and ClimatE (INTERFACE)

The INTERFACE research coordination network brings together three groups within the global change research community -- researchers conducting field experiments, researchers who use ecosystem-scale models, and researchers working on land-atmosphere interactions in Earth system models (ESMs).

This research is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Plant-microbe interactions

With David Weston (ORNL) we investigate how microbes assemble in the root rhizosphere and how different assemblies alter plant functions.

This research is funded by UT, ORNL, and DOE.

Fungal-plant interactions along environmental gradients

We are exploring how climatic change and species interactions alter fungal distributions along gradients and how how shifts in fungal distributions will impact ecosystem functions.

Exploring the predominant controls on litter decomposition rates at regional scales

We are collaborators on a project led by Mark Bradford and Ciska Veen exploring the extent to which local factors – in addition to climate and plant litter quality – affect litter decomposition in managed grasslands across a regional climate gradient.