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Brennan Flanagan

Undergraduate researcher, 2015-now

Brennan is interested in the role of microorganisms in ecosystems. He works with Jessica Moore on the tropical root-mycorrhizae study. 

Jessica Moore

Yates fellow

University of Tennessee, PhD candidate, 2010-now

Jessica is investigating how and when mycorrhizae influence carbon cycling in soils.

Leigh Moorhead

National Science Foundation (NSF) GRFP fellow; NSF GROW fellow

University of Tennessee, PhD candidate, 2011-now

Leigh is exploring how mammals shape the trajectory, stability, and function of ecosystems. She spent 2014-2015 in Denmark.

Jeremiah Henning, MS

National Science Foundation EAPSI fellow

University of Tennessee PhD candidate, 2012-now

Plant-root-microbe interactions across scales and under global change.

Courtney Patterson

Tennessee lab manager, 2013-now

Courtney is the lab manager at the University of Tennessee. She is coordinating our project investigating biology impacts on soil carbon dynamics. Courtney also helps run our outreach program.

Greg Newman, MS

Copenhagen lab manager, 2013-now

Greg works on questions in soil biogeochemistry, ecosystem carbon fluxes, and the plant/microbial processes and interactions that can mediate these cycles. He manages our global collaborative experiments manipulating temperature and plant composition along elevation gradients.

Maja Sundqvist, PhD

Assistant Professor, The University of Copenhagen & Umeå University, 2014-now (2016 - on maternity leave)

Maja received a Swedish FORMAS grant to lead the WSR project in Abisko, Sweden. She is working in Copenhagen, Abisko, and Umeå.

Justyna Giejsztowt

PhD student, 2015-now

Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, co-advised with Julie Deslippe

Justyna is exploring above- and below ground traits in the WARM study in New Zealand

Kenna Rewcastle

Resaerch Associate, (prior Undergraduate researcher @UT, but was in Denmark for a semester), 2014-now

Kenna is working on carbon dynamics and mycorrhizal fungi in Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden on the gradient project.

Kenna was funded by Sigma Xi & UT in 2014.

Katarzyna Koszela, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow, 2015-now

Katarzyna is a plant invasion ecologist. She is visiting with our group while in Copenhagen.

Annelein Meisner, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow, 2014-now

Annelein is a microbial ecologist studying drying/ rewetting and freeze/thaw events and carbon dynamics. She is affiliated with SNM at KU, Biology at KU, and Lund University in Sweden.

Daan Blok, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow, 2015-now

Daan was awarded a grant to explore decomposition across multiple sites. He will be working at our WSR sites. Daan is also affiliated with Lund University in Sweden.

Ji “Sonamkyi” Suonan

PhD candidate Peking University, 2015-now

Sonamkyi is a visiting PhD with our group for the 2015-2016 academic year. We will be exploring the effects of warming and altered precipitation on the phenology and performance of alpine grassland plants on the Tibetan Plateau.

Erin Cameron, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow, 2015-now

Erin is funded the Finish and Canadian governments to explore how warming alters soil food webs and decomposition along gradients. She will be based in Finland and Denmark.

Aimée Classen, PhD

Associate Professor; Aimee’s CV is here

Aimée is interested in what influences the structure and function of ecosystems.

Silvia Iradukunda

Undergraduate researcher, 2015-now

Silvia is interested in root-fungal interactions in soils and the carbon cycle.

Sarah Ottinger

Undergraduate researcher, 2015-now

Sarah is working with Jeremiah Henning on how elevational gradients and warming alter root and fungal chemistry.

Helen Law

Undergraduate researcher, 2015-now

Helen is interested in climate change, sustainability, and ethnobotany. She’s working with Jeremiah

Nicholas Nagy

Undergraduate researcher, 2015-now

Nick is working on a project exploring how fungi alter soil nutrient cycles he’s working with Jeremiah and Jessica.

Daniel Hewins

Post doc, 2016-now

Marie Currie post-doc based in Norway & Copenhgen

Dan will be working on ESM models using the WARM data.