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Aimée Classen

PI of the Ecosystem Ecology Lab; Aimée’s CV is here

Associate professor, University of Copenhagen, 2014-

Associate Editor-in-Chief, Ecological Monographs, 2012-

Associate professor, University of Tennessee, 2012-

Assistant professor, University of Tennessee, 2008-12

Staff scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2005-08

PhD, Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University, 2004

Jessica Moore

PhD candidate and RA - started 2010

Jessica is investigating how and when mycorrhizae influence carbon cycling in soils.

Leigh Moorhead

National Science Foundation GRFP fellow

PhD candidate- started 2011

Leigh is exploring how mammals shape the trajectory, stability, and function of ecosystems.

Jeremiah Henning

National Science Foundation EAPSI fellow

PhD student and RA - started 2012

Mycorrhizae, mycorrhizae, mycorrhizae...

Jiang Jiang

NIMBioS Post-doctoral fellow & EEB post-doc

PhD, Ecology, University of Miami 2012

Jiang develops models that couple ecological and hydrologic processes to understand vegetation regime shifts associated with climate change. He’s collaborating with us exploring mycorrhizal - soil - carbon dynamics.

Sneha Patel

Undergraduate researcher - started 2012

Sneha works with Jessica Bryant exploring mycorrhizal decomposition.

Sneha is working in MN with us this summer.

Kent Connell

Undergraduate researcher- started 2012

Kent is exploring how ants, via their impacts on soils, might alter seedling establishment.

Kent is an REU student at KBS in 2014.

The University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Courtney Patterson

Lab manager - 2013

Courtney is the lab manager at the University of Tennessee. She is coordinating our project investigating biology impacts on soil C dynamics. Courtney also heads up our outreach program.

Nick Hendershot

Undergraduate researcher- 2013-14; summer tech 2014

Nick spent last semester and the summer working and studying ecology in Costa Rica. He is now working on a mycorrhizal project with Jeremiah.

Nick is working in CO on the gradient project this summer.

Greg Newman, MS

Lab manager - 2013

Greg is the research manager at the University of Copenhagen.  He is interested deep-rooting patterns in soil, controls on ecosystem productivity and C allocation, and relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem processes.

Maja Sundqvist

Assistant Professor, Umeå University

Maja received a Swedish FORMAS grant to lead the gradient work in Abisko, Sweden. She will be working in Copenhagen, Abisko, and Umeå

Kenna Rewcastle

Undergraduate researcher @ UT, but is in Denmark for the semester - started 2014

Kenna is working with us in Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden on the gradient project.

Kenna is funded by Sigma Xi this summer.

The University of Tennessee, USA