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Project ACCESS:

Accessing Curriculum Content for Special Education Students

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Participants and Staff

Bluegrass Elementary | Brickey Elementary | Claxton Elementary | Ellen Myers | Halls Elementary | Horace Maynard Middle | Lenoir City Elementary | Lenoir City Middle | Meadowview Middle | Northwest Middle | Oneida Elementary | Oneida Middle | Parrottsville Elementary | Powell Middle | Ritta | Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Technology Academy | Springdale Elementary

Picute of Kathleen Puckett
Kathleen S. Puckett, Ph.D.
Project Co-Director

William G. Brozo, Ph.D.
Project Co-Director

Picture of Blanche O'Bannon
Blanche O'Bannon, Ed.D.
Instructional Technology Consultant

Picture of Susan Skuda
Susan Skuda

Molly Littleton, M.ED.
Assistive Technology Consultant

Alice Wershing, M.S.
Assistive Technology

Thilla Sivakumaran, M.S.
Consultant / Technical Support

William Wishart, M.S.
Consultant / Technical Support

Bluegrass Elementary Blue Grass Elementary is a K-5 school with an enrollment of about 800. Despite our size we strive to maintain our sense of community and create a strong learning environment for all our students. --Brenda Gray Principal

Project ACCESS Participants: Sheila Cinnamon and Alice Joiner

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Brickey Elementary School
Brickey Elementary School is a true "community" school. We have excellent parent involvement and support, Our teachers and staff work hard to make our students feel confident, safe and loved while receiving an excellent education. We are very proud of our students, staff, parents, and community

Project ACCESS Participants: Darlene Miller and Suzanne Oliver

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Claxton Elementary School
We recognize that every student represents the future. The primary mission of Claxton Elementary School is to provide the highest quality education and experiences for all students by making their learning needs a priority. We will provide our students with the type of academic, behavioral and social support needed for each student to succeed inschool and in their future.

Project ACCESS Participants: Susan Jonely, Debbie Nall, Denise Helms and Laura Hopkins

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Ellen Myers The vision of Ellen Myers Primary School is to have a solid academic program that places our students among the top in the state, and helps them realize their potential for becoming responsible and productive citizens.

Project ACCESS Participants: Denise Howard and Cindy Widner

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Halls Elementary At Halls Elementary we are proud of our staff who is committed to providing many opportunities for our children to experience academic excellence and in promoting social and personal growth.

Project ACCESS Participants: Mary Lynn Coyne and Krista Lee

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Horace Maynard Middle School
Horace Maynard Middle School’s mission is to encourage all students to achieve individual maximum performance in their educational undertakings in order to become productive and well-rounded citizens in society.

Project ACCESS Participants: Robert Clark, Yvonne Johnson, Becky Ogle

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Lenoir City Elementary The mission of Lenoir City Elementary School is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students experience personal success and achieve their academic potential in order to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Project ACCESS Participants: Nancy Barrett, Cheryl Christman and Angelea Varner

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Lenoir City Middle School
Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the well being of children and to providing them with the very best education possible. The education of a child is truly a task that requires a commitment from teachers, parents, and students.

Project ACCESS Participants: Laura Dunn and Deena Omari

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Meadowview Middle School
The mission of Meadowview Middle School is to give exceptional consideration to our students because of the unique changes that occur during this transitional period of adolescence. The school's function is to build upon earlier learned skills and knowledge and to guide and challenge students toward their maximum academic, aesthetic, physical, social, and emotional potential.

Project ACCESS Participants: Dominique Buckingham and Carolyn McDaniel

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Northwest Middle School

Northwest Middle is made up of a very diverse student population. Northwest offers students a well rounded educational opportunity. We offer students an opportunity to take part in many extracurricular activities. Students who take advantage of their opportunities succeed very well in high school and beyond high school in other educational or vocational areas.

Project ACCESS Participants: Jamie Ray Cooper and Kristina Shelton

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Oneida Elementary School

Oneida Elementary currently accommodates over six hundred students in preschool through 5th grade. Along with the general curriculum, OES offers a wide variety of new and innovative programs including Bridges, Fast Forward and Enrichment.

Project ACCESS Participants: Tommie Harness and Crystal Jones

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Oneida Middle School
Oneida Middle School serves approximately 325 students in grades six through eight. OMS has many different programs for students to become involved. Along with the core classes for all students, approximately 20 mini-courses are also available to allow children to explore their many different interests and abilities.

Project ACCESS Participant: Latisha Brooks

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Parrottsville Elementary The Parrottsville School mission is to develop confident, self-disciplined learners who will contribute to the improvement of self, family, school, community, and nation. By guiding individuals to reach their full potential as they grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically, our school will be ensuring that our students will be prepared for their future in the 21st century community.

Project ACCESS Participants: Paul Sanderson and Karen Trentham

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Powell Middle Powell Middle School is a true community school. Our students, parents, and community work together much like a family. We set academic excellence as our primary goal and provide a safe learning environment for our students.

Project ACCESS Participants: Katherine Davis, Judy Hass, Glenda Kemp, Nanci Phillips, Sarah Robinson, Tamara Smith and Pamela Tice

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Ritta Elementary Ritta School is a warm and caring place. It is a child centered school where academics and discipline are stressed and good behavior and progress are rewarded.

Project ACCESS Participants: Deborah Babelay, Patti Davis and Terri Goodin

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Sara Moore Greene Magnet Technology Academy
Sarah Moore Greene Academy is a large inner-city school with an enrollment of 685 students. This year we continue our magnet program welcoming students from all across the county. The socioeconomic status ranges from poverty to middle class. eighty-three percent receive free/reduced lunch based on their family income which qualifies the school as a Title I school. The SMGMTA staff works to foster high ideals, good behavior, academic achievement, and good citizenship among the students. We strive to stimulate intellectual curiosity, foster creative expression, teach communication skills and develop in students an understanding of other cultures as well as respect and tolerance for the rights and beliefs of all persons.

Project ACCESS Participants: Samantha Bolton and Tonia Pelton

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Springdale Elementary The mission of Springdale School is to provide guidance, instruction, and the opportunity to practice the necessary social and academic skills needed to become a responsible and productive member of society.

Project ACCESS Participants: Keith Hubbard and Tamesa Rush

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