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Molecular Microbial Ecology


May 2015: Congratulations to Dr. Ankrah! PhD was officially conferred during graduation ceremonies.

April 2015: Congratulations to Nana for being recognized at the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet for Extraordinary Professional Promise!! A well-deserved recognition.

Mar 2015: Thanks to Jen Glass and the rest of the crew for hosting SBS in Atlanta! Jonelle and Ashley had a wonderful time meeting with southeastern biogeochemists and discussing their work!!

Feb 2015: Congratulations to Nana for successfully defending his PhD!! His degree will be officially conferred in May 2015!

April 2014: Congratulations to Nana Ankrah for being selected to participate in the MicroTrop 2014 program in Senegal!!

Jan 2014: Happy New Year! Check out Nana and Charles’ latest contribution to Roseophage knowledge:

Dec: Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the “phage metabolomics” project! It’s available for your viewing pleasure at:

Nov: Nana and Alison enjoy St. Petersburg, FL while attending the 7th Aquatic Virus Workshop. Nana gave a great talk!

Nov: Congrats to Nathan! His Frontiers in Aquatic Microbiology review was just published. You can find the link here:

August: Dr. Nathan Cude moves to Oak Ridge National Lab to work with Dr. Dale Pelletier as a postdoctoral associate. Congrats and you’ll be missed!

August: REU Student Drew Garrone returns to Truman State. What a great summer!

May: Dr. Chris Gulvik moves to Georgia Tech to work with Dr. Jim Spain as a postdoctoral associate. Congrats!  We’ll miss you!!

May 1-4: Andrew Lang and Alison went to Sapelo Island, Georgia in search of gene transfer agents.

April 24: Congratulations Dr Chris Gulvik for successfully defending his dissertation!! --it’s been a busy week!

April 23: Congratulations Dr Nathan Cude for successfully defending his dissertation!!

April: Congratulations to Chris for his recent publication in AEM. Click here for the early on-line version:

August 17: Chris and Thomas are in Copenhagen presenting their work at ISME. The rest of us are jealous...

July: Congratulations to Nathan for the publication of his first, first author paper!

June: Congratulations to Nana for successfully passing his comprehensive exam!

May 1: Congratulations to Nathan and Chris for winning the Department of Microbiology’s Teaching Award!!

March 22: Check out how the lab helps celebrate Nathan’s birthday. Thanks to Ashley for the amazing cookies! goofy photos

November 4: Congratulations to Ashley for successfully passing her comprehensive exam!

October 30: Nana and Alison are headed to the 6th Aquatic Virus Workshop in Texel, Netherlands.

October 22: Congratulations to Nana and Chris for winning first and second place, respectively, for best oral presentation at the TN/KY Branch ASM meeting in Nashville!

August 2011: Summer was a blur and classes are starting. Alison attended the Gordon Conference on Applied and Environmental Microbiology in July at Mt Holyoke College and the STAMPS course at MBL in early August.

August 2011: Check out Charles’ new paper in BMC Microbiology

April 2011: Congratulations to Dan Jones for winning a Summer Undergraduate Internship from the UTK Office of Research and a Department of Microbiology summer fellowship award.

March 2011: Congratulations to Nathan for passing his preliminary exam!

10/22/10: Congrats to Ashley and Jim Daleiden for winning the best poster award at the Frontiers in Biorefining: Biobased Products from Renewable Carbon!

10/15/10: Congratulations to Chris for passing his preliminary exam!

08/10/10: Our departmental retreat at Norris Dam State Park is today.

05/24/10: Ashley is presenting a poster at the Frontiers in Bioenergy Symposium being held at Purdue University.

03/10: Nana presented a poster at the Student Conference on Conservation Science at the University of Cambridge, UK

12/09: Check out Alison, Mary and Marcelino’s new paper in AEM

11/09: Alison gave talks at the University of Georgia and Old Dominion University

09/09: Rachel’s MS work is published in AEM!

09/09: Congrats to Chris for winning the best student oral presentation award at the Regional ASM meeting!  Nathan gave a poster presentation at this same meeting.

09/09: Congrats to Charles for passing his preliminary exams!

08/09: The DOE funds C3Bio as an Emerging Frontiers Energy Center! The lab is an active participant of this newly funded center administered through Purdue University. We will be investigating ring hydroxlyating dioxygenases from marine bacteria that have potential applications in biobased fuels from lignin.

05/09: Alison and Chris presents posters at the ASM Meeting in Philadelphia PA

05/09: Charles presents a poster at the SCOR Viral Meeting in Newark, DE

04/09: Alison gave the keynote address at James Madison University’s annual Biosymposium (her alma mater)