2015-2016 Executive Committee Members of the UTK Chapter:

President: Mary McAlpin, Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures

VP, Lynne Sacco, History

Secretary, Millie Gimmel, Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures

Treasurer: Richard Strange, Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries

Members at large: Laura Howes, English, Nora Berenstain, Philosophy
Ben Lee, English

Recent Events

On Wednesday, November 18th, our chapter held a roundtable discussion on legislative pressure on faculty expression. Despite inclement weather the meeting was well attended and productive. Much of it centered on name and pronoun accomodation in our classes and the chilling effect of comments by Tennessee legislators on our campus discussion of this issue. This included the censorship (removal from UT website without the author's permission) of thoughtful suggestions for faculty on inclusive practice. To see these censored comments go here.

Based on these discussions and the desire to make UT an inclusive, welcoming institution for all, the chapter encourages faculty to include something like the following in your syllabi:

"Name and Pronoun Accommodations
If you use a name and/or pronouns other than what is in BlackBoard/Banner, please email me with the name and/or pronouns that you would like me to use and I will be glad to accommodate this request."

Are you part of our "Professor's Voice" list serve (VOXPROF@LISTSERV.UTK.EDU)?

If not, contact Mary McAlpin (mmcalpin@utk.edu) to get signed up and join our on going conversation about tenure and more!

Excom Minutes



To join the American Association of University Professors and gain access the materials and resources on the national website, please go to: http://www.aaup.org

Nashville NPR story on tenure: UT's President Wants To Change Tenure, And Professors Fear That Means Job Cuts

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